More Ways To Identify & Act On Business Intelligence Data

Business IntelligencethumbAt the end of last year, here at OrderWise we released our monumental new Business Intelligence module. Using this module, companies can set targets, drill down into their business data, identify issues, plug the source of leakage and highlight areas for improvement in order to unlock more sales and revolutionise company performance. When this module is then combined with OrderWise CRM and KPI Dashboards, businesses can benefit from a powerful suite of functionality that can make a real difference to the performance and growth achieved by a business with almost immediate results.

As is always the case with any major new additions to OrderWise, since its release our Development team have been working hard to add more useful functionality to help further enhance the capabilities of Business Intelligence and overall user experience. This development has culminated in four new enhancements being added to Business Intelligence in version 10.1 in order to help businesses kick start their year with some further benefits of using this fantastic module.

13470 - Category drill down for Company Customer BI GridsNew Category Drill Down For Company > Customer Grids

For any business, it is imperative that any issues in company performance are always identified and quickly rectified. In order to achieve this, businesses require the ability to delve deep into their sales data, analysing the information from multiple angles so that the cause of leakage and under-performance can be found and plugged at the source.

Existing functionality within OrderWise Business Intelligence already enables users to drill down into their data from multiple angles, including category, product, variant, account manager, sales rep and more. Now in version 10.1 of OrderWise, even further drill down options are now available with the addition of new Category drill down options within the Company > Customer grids for both invoiced and sold goods, providing users with greater flexibility when drilling down into their data.

Create Contact Lists for Email & Telephone Campaigns  

One of the key benefits of OrderWise Business Intelligence is users can analyse their data to identify customers not meeting expectations or targets over a wide range of criteria. Now in version 10.1 of OrderWise, businesses can quickly and easily display full contact information relating to a customer or customers they have identified to follow up further. In addition to this, users can also simply export customer contact details to Excel to then use in email or telephone marketing campaigns.

13481 - BI Contacts WindowThis is achieved by simply selecting one or multiple customers from one of the Business Intelligence Customer Grids and pressing the new Contacts button in the drill down options.

The new window will display all contacts and contact details associated with the selected customers from which users can simply right click for an export to excel as you can within any OrderWise grid. This great new feature further extends the ways in which users can use the information gathered from Business Intelligence, allowing contact lists for marketing campaigns to be collected much more efficiently.

Compare Net Variance % Against Date Ranges

One of the key pieces of data businesses will look to compare within Business Intelligence is any increase or decrease in order net values over a certain period. With this information, businesses can gain a clear indication into the areas of the company where performance has slipped and improvements need to be made. To help viewing and digesting this information even easier in version 10.1 of OrderWise, a new Net Variance % field can now be pulled through on to all existing Business Intelligence grids. This field will display the percentage difference between the Net Value (1) and Net Value (2) fields, allowing users to easily obtain an accurate comparison over the two chosen dates from which performance can be further evaluated.

One Click To Create a CRM Opportunity from Business Intelligence

By allowing businesses to view a detailed breakdown of the success rate of their opportunities and activities, as well as providing the data from which to generate future sales opportunities, OrderWise Business Intelligence makes the perfect partner for our popular CRM module. Businesses can now achieve further benefits from using these two modules together with the ability to create a new opportunity straight from Business Intelligence Customer Grids added in version 10.1 of OrderWise.

13235 - New Opp in BIOne of the key uses of Business Intelligence is to identify customers that are not performing as expected, not meeting targets, have stopped purchasing particular items or not buying related products.  Upon identifying an issue with a customer the next step would be to determine the reasons behind the issue highlighted and ensure actions are in place to follow up and eliminate any leakage as quickly as possible.  One click will now enable a new opportunity to be created for the customer in question for their sales person to call them, an account manager to visit or whatever action is required to bring the customer back on track.

With these new additions, the flexibility, visibility and user-friendliness of our already substantial Business Intelligence module has been further extended, making it even easier for businesses to not only quickly identify areas for improvement but instantly create actions to remedy this, maximise sales and increase business profitability.

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