Take The Headache Out Of Your Invoice & Credit Generation With New Automated Output

InvoicingCreating customer invoices and credits is something that almost every business will do on a daily basis, however not many will manage this process effectively. Many businesses rely on individually creating these order invoices and credit notes, then sending these across to their customers before saving copies for their own records, making it an extremely time-consuming task. With some companies processing hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of orders each week, with potentially even higher volumes for those trading through online channels, invoice handling can add up to be a very costly exercise.

By working in this manner and not driving efficiency into the invoice and credit note generation process, businesses can create serious problems in several key areas by simply not getting these out fast enough. Firstly, customer service levels can drop as valuable clients are left waiting to receive credits from their returns, reducing their overall experience and driving them to shop elsewhere in the future. Then any hold ups on the invoicing side can quickly snowball into issues with back-end accounts, affecting company cash flow and leading to inaccurate financial reporting. Therefore in order to avoid these problems, businesses should ensure that they have a simple, streamlined method of generating customer invoices and credit notes in place.

With OrderWise, businesses are already presented with an incredibly accurate and efficient method of generating invoices and posting these over to their relevant Accounts systems. Users can set the frequency at which clients are invoiced, generate multiple invoices at once before simply posting these over to Sage or QuickBooks with a click of a button. For even greater efficiency, users can reap the rewards of a fully integrated Accounts solution with the ICAEW-accredited OrderWise Accounts module, which instead of one-click posting allows users to setup a fully automated posting routine. You can read more about OrderWise Accounts and Invoicing HERE.

Invoicevisibility350pxBenefit From Automatic Customer Invoice & Credit Production With OrderWise

Now in version 11.8 of OrderWise, further functionality has now been added to provide even greater automation in the invoice and credit generation process. This has arrived in the form of the ability for users to now be able to setup an automated scheduled service for outputting their invoices and credits as a PDF document.

Easy to arrange, users simply need to select the relevant scheduled task type and the location to which they want to output their documents. They then have the full flexibility to choose how these are stored, selecting whether a folder is automatically created for each customer, month or day, and also choosing whether invoices, credits or indeed both are outputted as part of this task. Then users with an OrderWise Commerce Website also have the added adaptability to choose to only output invoices/credits for their Web Shop customers through this service task, allowing them to benefit from even greater automation when processing orders for and invoicing their online customers.

Thanks to this fantastic new feature, businesses using OrderWise can now benefit from even greater levels of automation within the everyday management of their company operations. By being able to massively streamline the outputting of both their invoices and credits, businesses can ensure that their finances and customer satisfaction rates are always kept well in-check.

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