Speed Up Your Returns Handling With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

Mobile WMS DevicesIt is no secret that dealing with customer returns can have a large impact on operational speed and business profitability, therefore it is important that returns processes are handled in a fast, structured manner in order to keep the costs incurred from returns to a minimum. Barcode scanning technology is already proven to drive both accuracy and efficiency in everyday processes, so it makes sense for businesses to turn to these devices rather than manual paper based methods in order to quickly handle all apsects of their returns.

The OrderWise Returns module already helps to speed up the process of handling returns, with last month also seeing new functionality added that allows returned goods to be booked in on our Mobile WMS Devices. Now this month’s OrderWise release sees the returns functionality on our these popular devices extended, with the ability to create linked or unlinked returns now available.

returnsFast, Accurate Customer Returns Generation With OrderWise Mobile Device Technology 

This valuable new functionality will benefit businesses who, for a variety of reasons receive returned items that they do not know about until actual receipt of the items or where a return has not been pre-authorised. Now upon receipt of the returned items, users can simply scan the barcode on the enclosed returns label (if present) or on the item itself and create a linked or unlinked return directly on their Mobile WMS Device. This ensures that the return is promptly set up on the OrderWise system and the appropriate steps can then be undertaken accurately and without delay.

With this new functionality allowing for returns processes to be initiated immediately at the point of goods receipt, businesses using OrderWise Returns and our Mobile WMS Devices can further benefit from saving time, increasing accuracy and boosting productivity.

Existing users can contact our Client Account Management team and to discuss your requirements in more detail please call 01522 704083.