GS1 Barcodes Now Supported By OrderWise EPOS

EPOSAcross the globe, GS1 Barcodes have become a vital part of everyday business operations. This streamlined method of transferring several different fields of data into a compatible device with just a single scan is a future proofed and unique identification system, offering huge accuracy and efficiency benefits. Such are the benefits on offer, especially when it comes to recording product traceability, many large retailers and wholesalers across a wide range of industries such as food, apparel, healthcare and pharmaceutical have adopted GS1 Barcodes to set their standards.

Pharma scanningAlready a large number of major businesses and substantial organisations follow the GS1 barcoding system, including the NHS whose implementation of GS1’s standards has contributed to each hospital saving around £3 million each year. Without GS1 Barcodes, businesses will notice they incur more hidden operating costs, more delays and even more general inefficiencies. However now the need for GS1 Barcodes within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries is more vital than ever, as new legislation brought on by the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) requires any newly manufactured products to contain both serial and batch numbers.

GS1 UK – Setting The Industry Standards 

The reason for this increasing need for GS1 Barcodes is that large organisations that already have enormous product catalogues have realised that in order to help them manage this effectively, they need to ensure that their suppliers provide unique identifiers for the items that they are selling. That’s why companies and regulation boards have begun to push the use of GS1 Barcodes as they will allow them to know exactly what’s being sold, helping products become easier to trace and recall if needed. Therefore it is important that any businesses trading GS1 barcoded products have the support within their internal systems to process these items, so they too can reap the benefits of efficient handling and effective product recalls.

barcodes GS1 - 350pxOrderWise already offers an impressive software integration with GS1 Barcodes, having been recognised as an official GS1 UK Industry Partner with a Barcode Accreditation in February this year. This provides the confidence to any company looking to utilise GS1 barcodes to meet strict regulations within their industry or simply improve the accuracy and efficiency of their daily operations. OrderWise provides the functionality any business needs for this integration to be seamless and simple.

Benefit From Accurate End-to-End Traceability With OrderWise EPOS & GS1 Barcode Support

Now with Version 11.12 of OrderWise, valuable new functionality has been introduced that provides GS1 Barcodes support for OrderWise EPOS. This will allow the scanning of untraced, batch traced, expiry traced, serial traced, fully traced variants and outbound serial variants at the till point. As well as complying with the recently introduced law requiring any new products created in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to provide GS1 barcodes, any business trading from a retail counter will find this added functionality will facilitate complete end-to-end traceability.

Thanks to this new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise EPOS now have a fast and highly accurate way of recording essential product information including traceability data, and the functionality to cater for a wider range of point-of-sale requirements. Businesses using the standards set by GS1 UK will be able to ensure that their order processing is kept as streamlined as possible and that product recalls are both easily and accurately managed.

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