Greater Visibility Within OrderWise Returns

ReturnsAlthough many businesses will strive to keep returns volumes down, with the season of gift-giving now under-way, companies will inevitably be inundated with refunds and exchanges as customers return their unwanted items. With returns volumes naturally higher at this time of year, businesses should ensure they have the right structured methods in place in to keep the costs and impacts of these to a minimum. Additionally with this year also seeing the new Consumer Rights Act come into effect, it is more important than ever that businesses have the right processes in place to handle their customer returns. You can read more about how the Consumer Rights Act may affect you in last month’s feature article HERE.

Unwanted Christmas GiftOne of the biggest problems companies face when handling greater volumes of returns is that it can often be difficult for businesses to achieve the right level of visibility required to handle these effectively. Without having the right information available as stock comes back in, staff can easily lose track as to where the return has come from and what they are expected to do next with the item. Therefore in order to avoid errors in returns handling that can cause further problems down the line or customer service levels to fall, it is important that staff are provided with clear, accurate details regarding items returned into stock.

Offering this greater level of visibility in version 10.11 of OrderWise, businesses using the Returns module are now provided with more information at a transactional level. Now within the Variant Information Transactions grid, permitted users will be able to view:

  • Return Number – This shows the Return Order Number for that the return transaction was booked in against.
  • Return Reason – This displays the return reason that has been chosen against the return line.
  • Actual Return Action – This column will display the actual action against the Return line that the transaction was booked in against.

With this additional information, users of the OrderWise Returns module can benefit from having a much better indication of when stock has been returned, the reasons behind it and the next course of action. By having this level of detail now available, businesses can benefit from better and more accurate handling of their returns stock.

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