Greater Stock Level Visibility When Making Bulk Orders

Warehouse ManagementClear stock visibility is a must for all companies. Businesses need to have easy access to accurate stock information in order to know what orders can be fulfilled and what they need to purchase. However, a company’s stock situation can be represented in a number of ways and businesses need to use the stock figures most relevant to the task and operating practices they have in place. At the point of sales order creation it can be vital for the user to know exactly what the current stock situation is for the items being ordered.

Depending on the way a business operates, the most relevant stock figure at this point can need to include or exclude a range of criteria such as discounting stock already allocated and quarantined stock, including available to manufacture figures or supplier stock availability. However for businesses raising bulk orders with suppliers and then calling off stock as it is required, having visibility of what stock is available can be difficult to achieve. Without information regarding these bulk stock figures to hand when needed, businesses can quickly find sales opportunities being missed or additional costs made on unnecessary extra stock purchases.

Warehouse Bulk StockRelevant Stock Level Display With OrderWise

To prevent these impacts on profitability, OrderWise already provides a range of settings that allow for a user defined Stock Level figure to be displayed within the sales order form and for many businesses these are sufficient for their requirements. Stock level settings found in System Settings allow users to choose whether the sales order entry stock level is based on either the Free Stock Quantity or the Overall Stock Quantity with further ability to then include available to manufacture and also supplier stock quantities as part of the available stock level figure.

Additionally, OrderWise Bulk Orders provides the fast, visible and accurate controls over bulk orders and formal call off contracts that companies processing these type of orders require. With streamlined processing and full visibility of Call Off History including full details of quantities required, sent and awaiting to be sent, businesses using OrderWise Bulk Orders can benefit from efficient running of projects and assurance that sales opportunities are always fully capitalised.

New System Setting To Include Unallocated Stock Of Bulk Orders In Free Stock Calculation

Extending the flexibility in how bulk order stock can be used, version 12.7 of OrderWise now provides users with even more control over how stock levels are shown, with the addition of a new system setting to include bulk unallocated stock in free and closing stock values. With this new setting activated, bulk order stock which is unallocated will appear in the free and closing stock calculations displayed throughout OrderWise.

With the addition of this new free stock calculation option, companies are provided with even more control over their stock visibility to ensure it is displayed to staff using the most relevant information to their operations.

More information on the range of OrderWise Stock Control functionality is available HERE.

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