Even Greater Efficiency With Copy & Paste Filter Rows

inventory_control_system_2Whether it is locating the right customer, product, order, invoice or something else entirely, quickly and easily gaining access to information is a vital part of daily trading activity. With many businesses potentially having to scroll through hundreds or even thousands of records to get the details they require, having an efficient solution in place to find information within data can be an essential tool.

One of the most commonly used features of OrderWise are filter rows, which can be applied to any grid in OrderWise, allowing users to quickly search and locate the information they need. Although a relatively simple piece of functionality, using these filter rows to rapidly find products, customers, orders, etc. can vastly increase everyday efficiency.

13399 - Paste in filterNow in version 10.1 of OrderWise, a simple but highly useful new feature has been added to allow users to now right click and paste information into filter rows.  Although users have always been able to paste using the standard Ctrl+v shortcut this is not a method used by everyone and adding the paste option to the right click menu replicates functionality many will be familiar with in other applications.

With this new functionality, users can further increase efficiency by using OrderWise filter rows by copying and pasting information in a way they feel most comfortable instead of rekeying or using shortcut keys. The result of this is a faster, more convenient way of searching OrderWise data, allowing essential information to be found and retrieved more quickly.

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