Greater Control With Customer Buying Lists On OrderWise For Android™

Android AppIn certain industries, there is a need for restrictions on customer buying activity. The necessity of restricting customers from purchasing items is particularly prevalent in the pharmaceutical, chemical and certain food industries where strict regulations limit the purchasing of products, with businesses having to acquire licences in order to purchase certain items. Additionally, if an exclusive national or regional distribution rights deal has been struck with one customer for certain branded products, something which can be quite common in the wholesale and merchant industry, businesses may wish to prevent their other customers from purchasing products under that brand.

buying lists 350In further instances, companies may be managing multiple brands with very different product ranges and will want to limit the items available to sales staff when speaking to certain customers to help make the buying process faster and easier. Regardless of the reason for restricting customers to buying lists, businesses dealing with these situations and subject to these regulations require a controlled method of ensuring products are only issued to customers with the correct permissions. If this requirement is left overlooked, issues can arise and businesses may find themselves failing to comply with regulations or simply struggling to maintain stock restrictions by territory.

Benefit From Enhanced Management Of Product Restrictions

Solving this problem, OrderWise currently has existing functionality within the system allowing users greater control over what customers can purchase with the presence of the customer buying list feature. Buying Lists work in a similar way to a customer price list in that a user will give the list a name, description and assign items to the buying list, with the flexibility for items to be included on multiple buying lists. But businesses can often be held back if the information they have to hand isn’t readily available at all points of the selling process.

Following the release of OrderWise For Android late last year, there has already been countless new additions to its already comprehensive existing capabilities, further allowing all the functionality of OrderWise to be easily accessible from a mobile or tablet when on-the-move. This month is no different with further benefits added to the app in the latest release of OrderWise, including the ability to utilise customer buying lists.

shutterstock_457435834 350Cross-Platform Functionality With New Customer Buying List Feature

With customer buying lists now available to the OrderWise app, users can benefit from enhanced management of product restrictions whilst selling via the app when out on-the-road, visiting existing customers, meeting potential clients or attending trade shows. What’s more, this allows deals that have been limited regionally or are customer specific to be adhered to without a fault as businesses that already use customer buying lists within their industry will benefit from the flexibility of having these synchronised with OrderWise app data so that they apply cross-platform.

Thanks to this great new functionality, OrderWise users operating with customer buying lists are able to offer the same tight control over restricted items when staff are selling through their chosen mobile device when out-on-the-road. Although this functionality offers clear benefits to businesses in the pharmaceutical and food industries, any business looking for greater control over the selling of certain products can utilise this new buying list feature on the OrderWise app to their advantage.

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