Set A Minimum Stock Level & Gain Greater Control Over Your Google Listings

Marketplace IntegrationGoogle Shopping for many consumers is the place to go to find the best priced items on the market, enabling users to quickly search for products on multiple online shopping websites and compare prices between the different vendors. This has made managing and controlling Google Shopping listings an essential part of online trading for many businesses as they strive to use this service to maximise their sales in today’s competitive online market. However in order to make the most of this service, businesses will tell you that keeping tight control over displayed stock levels on Google Shopping is a primary concern.

This is because when it comes to Google Shopping listings, the items displayed in search results will only be the ones that are counted as currently in stock. This can cause a real dilemma for businesses when it comes to items that they want to list but may not hold in stock all the time, as it may just be case where more stock will be ordered on the back of sales order demand. Businesses will want to mark these items as still in stock so they can promote them on Google Shopping, but will also need to know on the back end when more stock needs to be ordered. Therefore in order to be able to maximise product exposure when listing on Google Shopping but also avoid any despatch delays or items being mistakenly sold, companies using this tool should ensure they have an effective method of handling these situations.

googleAttract Attention To Your Products Online With OrderWise Google Shopping Listings

With OrderWise, users are already provided with the ability to set a minimum stock level against both their eBay and Amazon Listings, ensuring that items that they don’t always hold in stock are seen as readily available, allowing online sales opportunities to continue to be fully maximised. Now this functionality has been further extended in version 11.8 of OrderWise with Google Shopping users now also able to set a minimum stock level for their items.

Against a variant record, users can now specify a minimum stock quantity which will be used if the actual stock quantity is below this set minimum. Therefore users can simply set this minimum stock quantity figure to a value greater than zero, ensuring that the listing’s availability is always exported as in stock. Not only that, but users can still run the OrderWise Purchase Report to ensure the correct quantity of stock is easily and accurately ordered too.

With this highly useful new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise can now benefit from greater control over whether their listings always show as in stock when advertising items through Google. By using this new feature to their advantage, OrderWise Google Shopping users can be sure that stock levels are correctly managed and that maximum return on these listings is always achieved.

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