Greater Control With Two New Additions To Sales

SalesWhether trading through multiple online channels, more traditional ones or indeed both, it is important for businesses to ensure the highest level of accuracy is achieved within all sales order processing activities. By doing this companies can be sure that customers are always left fully satisfied that their orders have been processed correctly, leading to higher rates of returned custom. With OrderWise Sales Order Processing, businesses are provided with a comprehensive suite of functionality that makes sure that this is the case, always processing sales orders no matter the channel from which they originate both accurately and efficiently.

Now in version 10.9 of OrderWise, two great new enhancements have been made to OrderWise Sales to further increase the accuracy and control available to users.

Restrict From BuyingRestrict Customers From Buying Certain Items

Although to a lot of businesses the idea of restricting customers from purchasing items is an odd notion, there are certain industries where tight controls over customer buying activity needs to be in place. This is particularly prevalent in the pharmaceutical, chemical and certain food industries where strict regulations limit the purchasing of products, with businesses having to acquire licences in order to purchase certain items. Additionally if an exclusive national or regional distribution rights deal has been struck with one customer for certain branded products, something which can be quite common in the wholesale and merchant industry, businesses may wish to prevent their other customers from purchasing products under that brand. Businesses dealing with these situations and subject to these regulations therefore require a method of controlling what their customers can and cannot buy, ensuring that licenced products are only issued to customers with the correct permissions.

Although OrderWise already included the ability to include and exclude customers from purchasing a specific item, to offer OrderWise users facing these circumstances as part of their main activities the ability to handle these situations in a more flexible manner, new functionality has been introduced in version 10.9 of OrderWise to allow users to place greater controls on what customers are able to buy. This is facilitated by the ability to now be able to set up customer buying lists. Buying Lists work in a similar way to a customer price list in that a user will give the list a name, description and assign items to the buying list, with the flexibility for items to be included on multiple buying lists.

Buying ListTo assign these buying lists to customers, users simply need to tick the checkbox in a customer record to say use buying lists, before then selecting the buying list they wish to apply from the drop down menu. Variants themselves also have a checkbox to say “restrict to buying list” which enables OrderWise to check whether the item is restricted or not when it is added to a sales order. Alternatively, two new import have also been added to enable customer buying lists to be applied to both customers and individual lines en-masse.

Once set up, if an item added to a sales order is restricted to a buying list, OrderWise will then check to see if the customer is assigned to the right buying list before allowing the sale to continue. Depending on the outcome of this validation check, OrderWise will either prevent the sale or allow the customer to purchase the item. Staff with the correct user permissions will still have the ability to override buying lists within the sales order if needed.

Thanks to this great new functionality, OrderWise users are able to gain enhanced control over the selling of restricted items through normal sales orders, as well as EPOS and eCommerce orders if required. Although this functionality offers clear benefits to businesses in the pharmaceutical and food industries, any business looking for greater control over the selling of certain products can utilise this new buying list feature to their advantage.

tax rateUse Delivery Address To Control Sales Order Tax Rate

Ensuring the correct tax rate is applied to a sales order can be an incredibly complex task.  With various rules regarding tax rates based on the individual item, customer, destination of delivery and more, for some businesses this can mean tax rates changing order by order.

The problem with this is that businesses can find that their sales staff don’t have the right level of knowledge regarding which tax rate is the correct one to use, leading to the wrong one regularly being entered by mistake. Time is then spent going back into sales orders correcting these errors. Therefore by having this information entered automatically, businesses are able to easily counteract against sales staff who may not know what tax rate needs to be applied.

OrderWise already provides businesses with extensive functionality to ensure the correct tax rate is applied and now in version 10.9 of OrderWise, new functionality allows users to specify a tax rate against a customer delivery address. This delivery address tax rate can then be set to override the tax rate of order lines and/or delivery method, allowing users to ensure that the right tax rate is always applied correctly to sales orders.

With these two great new additions, businesses processing sales orders through OrderWise can now reap the benefits of even greater control and accuracy when selling their goods to customers.

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