Greater Sales Insight With New Business Intelligence Order Type Filter

Business IntelligenceAs a multi-channel retailer, businesses can often find it harder to distinguish where their sales are being maximised. Selling across multiple platforms can help companies to target different markets effectively but without a technique to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information, profitability can be lost. Therefore, businesses need to seek better ways of tracing this data to improve company performance as traditional reports can become outdated quickly and often they only scratch the surface of where problems in a sales strategy might lay.

Without accurate, live analytics of how their various sales channels are performing and the ability to drill down into this data, businesses simply do not have the information they need to determine where improvements in specific operations are needed. It may be that a certain product is under performing and not accumulating the required volume of sales due to one channel not attracting the same level of product interest as the others. Without this information to know where to take action, businesses can quickly see a hiatus in company growth as both sales and margins fall.

business int 2 350pixDrill Down Even Further With OrderWise Business Intelligence Module

With OrderWise Business Intelligence, companies using OrderWise are already able to reap the benefits of easily accessible performance statistics with the power to drill down to the core of any issues. With complete visibility of sales data from an extensive range of filtered grids, businesses using OrderWise Business Intelligence are able to have the reasons behind under-performance at their fingertips. You can read more about this module HERE.

Accurate, Live Data Provides In-Depth Knowledge of Company Performance

Now in version 11.11 of OrderWise, the wealth of data available in our Business Intelligence module has been further extended by introducing a brand new grid functionality that allows users to now filter their grid results by Order Type. This comes alongside the pre-existing functionality that enables users to view their respective sales at the product, variant and category level for items either invoiced or sold and then drill down into this information by Customer, Account Managers or Sales Reps. The added benefit of this new filter allows users to explore and scrutinise data more intensely than ever before by splitting their sales data up into individual channels for even greater insight. Users of Business Intelligence within OrderWise now have the advantage of using this Order Type filter on 13 grids, which are:

  • Business Intelligence 350pixBusiness Intelligence| Customer | Invoiced | Product
  • Business Intelligence| Customer | Invoiced | Variants
  • Business Intelligence| Customer | Invoiced |Categories
  • Business Intelligence| Customer | Sold | Products
  • Business Intelligence| Customer | Sold | Variants
  • Business Intelligence| Customer | Sold | Categories
  • Business Intelligence| Customer | Sold | Variants quoted not sold
  • Business Intelligence| Company | Invoiced | Categories
  • Business Intelligence| Company | Invoiced | Products
  • Business Intelligence| Company | Invoiced |Variants
  • Business Intelligence| Company | Sold | Categories
  • Business Intelligence| Company | Sold | Products
  • Business Intelligence| Company | Sold | Variants

This concentrated data provided by the Order Type filter will offer businesses an even more extensive range of ways to analyse every aspect of their business data, including specified data from every sales channel. With this data, users are better equipped to determine where they may be under-performing and use the vital statistics to amend and rectify core issues. In turn this will increase their profitability and promote business growth, enabling businesses to identify and develop new strategic business opportunities with detailed analysis.

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