Goods in control enhanced with new HHT Mobile Put Away module

OrderWise HHT Mobile DeviceEfficient and accurate goods receipt is a task every business that handles stock needs to manage, but the process of quickly and accurately identifying the stock received against the relevant purchase order is only one part of the goods in journey.  Getting the received stock into the right location (bin) within the warehouse for picking is often where the most time is taken.

Many companies will use a specific location or bin/s to book stock into, enabling them to quickly receive goods and get them booked onto their system before then moving the stock from this holding location into the correct bins within the warehouse.  Managing receipt in this way is the first step in a more structured put away process is only one part of the goods in journey.    When businesses have to manage limited manpower or have a high frequency and volume of stock being received it becomes difficult to efficiently achieve this final and important step.

A structured and efficient put away process.

In the OrderWise 2014 v9.1 release a brand new module has been added to the OrderWise Mobile HHT Device.  This new Put Away module provides users with a structured workflow to stock put away that can be best thought of as reverse picking.

Within the main system a Bin can be set as a put away bin and against a variant a put away bin can be configured, these would be bins within the goods in area that stock is initially booked into on receipt.

Using the OrderWise HHT Mobile device a re-stocker user would simply select the Put Away bin they are moving stock from, scan the item, confirm the quantity and place the stock onto a trolley.  Once the trolley is loaded the user wirelessly syncs this information with the main system and retrieves instructions on which picking bins the stock needs to be Put Away into.  System settings allow bins with the least stock, most stock or default bin to be replenished first and via walk route the re-stockers are directed using the most efficient path to the bins where stock needs to be Put Away.

The structured process provided by the OrderWise HHT Put Away module enables the whole process of goods receipt to be efficiently handled, ensuring full batch and serial traceability is maintained and making stock quickly available for picking and despatch.

A full suite of mobile warehouse functionality.

OrderWise Series 2 Mobile HHTThe OrderWise HHT Mobile devices are an invaluable warehouse tool that includes a full complement of mobile warehouse management functionality for fast and accurate bar code centred warehouse operations.  Modules includes as standard on each OrderWise HHT Mobile Device are:-

  • Picking (Including Tote Picking)
  • Goods In
  • Container Goods In
  • Move Stock
  • Adjust Stock
  • Stock Take
  • Put Away
  • Move Bin
  • Bin Check
  • Tote Check
  • Empty Bins

For more information on OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices download the brochure or watch our videos.  Existing users can also visit the OrderWise Online Shop.

To discuss your requirements in more detail contact us today on 01522 704083.

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