Save Time By Getting Staff To Pick Large Stock Quantities From Bulk

Warehouse ManagementFor businesses with expansive warehouse operations and turning around large volumes of stock, regular stock replenishment becomes a key part of daily warehouse activities in order for maximum picking efficiency to be achieved. By ensuring pick faces are kept regularly topped up with stock, businesses can benefit from fast, productive despatch operations that prevent staff from travelling further away than they have to in order to pick items ready to be sent out to customers. However if there isn’t a logical method of deciding where staff should pick stock from in place, companies can often find that pick faces are still depleted as quickly as they are replenished, leading to higher staff travel times and lower order fulfilment efficiency.

Often the main cause of this is that staff will always go to pick faces to collect stock, instead of being directed to bulk replenishment stock to pick larger quantities. By picking orders in this manner, businesses will find that pick faces are emptying more quickly, staff are having to travel to bulk stock locations more regularly and other members of staff are carrying out replenishments tasks more frequently. To avoid this, businesses should cut out the middle process by sending staff straight to replenishment stock to collect stock when large quantities are required. By adopting this organised way of working, businesses will find it more beneficial as pickers are not having to travel to as many bins to collect all the stock they need and pick faces are not being depleted as quickly, meaning they can still be used by staff tasked with picking smaller quantities.

Stock Put AwayIncrease Warehouse Productivity By Effectively Managing The Logic Behind How Stock Is Picked

To allow users to utilise this method of working, OrderWise Stock Replenishment already offers the ability for businesses to state a quantity above and including which replenishment stock should be used first when an order line is being allocated. Now a highly beneficial new enhancement has been made to this functionality in version 11.4 of OrderWise that offers even greater efficiency and intelligent picking logic.

This enhancement is that the existing “Use replenishment stock first when allocating more than X” feature will now take into account the quantity of an item required across multiple orders within a single pick. Once activated by the relevant system setting, the quantities from all lines in a pick are grouped together to determine if the total quantity required is higher than the figure stated against the “use replenishment stock first when allocating more than X” field. If the quantity is indeed higher, then stock is allocated from a replenishment bin.

fast warehouseAchieve Fast, Organised Picking With OrderWise Despatch & Stock Replenishments

As an example, say a user has an item that is down to use replenishment stock first when allocating more than 10. If 15 single line orders are received all for the same item, these 15 will be allocated to the same replenishment bin for a picker to collect.

Thanks to this great new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise Stock Replenishments are able to benefit from even greater structure and efficiency within their despatch process. By carefully determining the logic to which staff are sent to bins to collect stock to fulfil orders, companies will be able to reap the benefits of faster order turnaround and an overall more productive warehouse.

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