Further Support Added For GS1 Barcodes

Mobile WMS DevicesAlthough predominantly used within the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industries because of the traceability accuracy that they provide, it seems that many more businesses are now beginning to use GS1 Barcodes within their warehouse operations. However by allowing warehouse staff to record a product’s EAN, serial, batch, expiry and quantity from just a single scan of one of these dynamic barcodes, many businesses are beginning to turn to GS1 Barcodes as a means to also benefit from increased efficiency within all their daily stock management activities.

To accommodate for these barcodes becoming more widely used by a greater volume and diversity of companies, this year has already seen support for GS1 Barcodes added to several key modules on our revolutionary Mobile WMS Devices. Using these wireless, barcode-scanning devices, OrderWise users are able to utilise either 1 or 2 dimensional GS1 barcode scanning technology to accurately and efficiently pick stock, book stock in, perform stock takes, movements, adjusts, replenishments and more. You can read more about the use of GS1 barcodes HERE.

Now extending this compatibility in version 10.8 of OrderWise, several more new features have been added to add greater levels of support for GS1 Barcodes within OrderWise.

Pack ScanIn-System GS1 Support

Up until now, businesses utilising OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices have been able to benefit from using GS1 Barcode Scanning functionality to gain greater efficiency. Now, support for GS1 Barcodes has also been implemented within the main OrderWise system for companies that utilise the Pack Scan functionality. This means where companies have a final pack scan validation process in place, the GS1 Barcode can be scanned enabling confirmation of the item’s batch, serial and expiry information in one scan. This helps to dramatically increase the speed of packing, reduce bottlenecks and ensure the utmost in accuracy is achieved. If a GS1 barcode has a quantity associated, this can also be recognised and used if relevant for added packing efficiency, populating the quantity field up to the quantity remaining to pack.

manufacturing26814Works Order Picking

Another of the biggest new additions to OrderWise so far this year has been the inclusion of Manufacturing on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices. This Mobile Manufacturing module enables businesses to strike the perfect balance between detailed recording of costs and fast, accurate works order processing. Using these devices in-conjunction with OrderWise Manufacturing, businesses have the functionality available to pick component stock, work through manufacturing processes, manage sub contract work, log labour, equipment, add any by-products and much more. You can read more about OrderWise Mobile Manufacturing HERE.

Now in version 10.8 of OrderWise, an enhancement has been made to Mobile Manufacturing to include GS1 Barcode support in Works Order Picking. If a GS1 Barcode is scanned when picking a serial, batch or expiry traced component, the traceability information contained in the barcode will be validated against the expected traceability information. If the data doesn’t find a match then a message will open asking for the correct item to be scanned to ensure maximum accuracy is achieved.

Best Before DateSetting To Import Best Before and Sell By Dates When An Expiry Date Is Not Available

On perishable products, it is quite common for an expiry date to be labelled in different ways. Some items may simply have an expiry date attached, on others this may be specified as the best before, sell by or use by date. In some cases it can even be that several of these dates will appear, although businesses will usually only work to one of these dates.

In the event that an expiry date is unavailable, in most cases businesses will choose to work towards an alternative date such as a product’s best before or sell by date and will want this information to be accurately recorded. This ensures that there are still guidelines in place for when businesses need to be selling their products by so that wastage stock and items being despatched to customers or received from suppliers outside of accepted shelf life is carefully avoided.

As standard, when a GS1 Barcode is scanned from a Mobile WMS Device, OrderWise will retrieve the EAN, serial, batch, expiry and quantity for that product, allowing all this data to be in one scan. Now adding greater flexibility, businesses can choose to have a product’s best before or sell by date imported from a GS1 barcode if an expiry date is unavailable. Facilitated by a new setting, this allows users the choice of which date method to use and which takes precedence if multiple are available encoded in the GS1 barcode data.

RP1200_Front MenuNewGS1Modules1Other New Additions

This month has also seen support for GS1 Barcodes added to a number of another mobile modules that are available on our Mobile WMS Devices. The modules where GS1 compatibility has been added are:

  • Mobile Goods In Despatch
  • Mobile Container Goods In
  • Mobile Sales

With all of these new additions, all mobile modules currently available on our OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices now contain full support for both 1 and 2 dimensional GS1 Barcodes. This enables all Mobile WMS Device users to now be able to benefit from the dramatically increased efficiency levels that GS1 Barcodes bring to all aspects of daily warehouse operations.

For more information on how OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices and GS1 barcodes can help your business to effectively manage warehouse operations, download our brochures or watch our videos.

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