Maximise Staff Time With Added Functionality To CRM Exchange Calendar Integration

It isCRM no secret that CRM systems are leading the way in how to effectively manage staff and customer interactions, with the efficiencies of CRM enabling businesses to manage customer interactions in a way they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. However with staff often arranging multiple meetings and follow up tasks throughout the day, businesses also use CRM to gain better management over staff timekeeping. This is because without the ability to accurately detail how long meetings or tasks are likely to last, staff won’t be able to accurately plan out their crucial arrangements.

Appointment 350 pixBy not having this tight control over how staff time is used, businesses can often find that productivity and maximum earning potential is reduced. If there is a busy day with scheduled meetings throughout, staff need to be able to have a clear estimation on the length of time each appointment. If this isn’t the case, it can often result in meeting overruns and double bookings, causing missed sales opportunities and let down important customers. Therefore to better control staff diaries, businesses need to be able to successfully record both the start and end time of all their daily tasks and meetings.

Manage Your Time Effectively With Synchronised Task End Time From Outlook to OrderWise

With the recently introduced OrderWise CRM & Microsoft Calendar Integration, businesses that have enabled this licenced feature already have structured management over staff time through automatic Outlook Calendar and OrderWise Task Diary synchronisation. You can read more about this feature HERE.

Meeting 350 pixHowever in version 11.11 of OrderWise, users have the valuable new benefit of allowing the end time against a Task in the Outlook Calendar to be modified and sent back to the CRM Task in OrderWise when the schedule service is run. OrderWise not only ensures that any public Microsoft Exchange appointments are imported into the task diary in OrderWise CRM, but now populates an estimated duration against the task based on the end time inputted into the Outlook Calendar.

Having this great new addition to the CRM Exchange Calendar Integration, means users will now be able to gain tighter, more accurate control of staff time. By having the ability in OrderWise CRM to know when meetings are likely to end, users have the capability to precisely schedule appointments throughout the day and optimise potential for new sales opportunities.

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