Flexible & Accurate Updating Of Stock Quantities When Splitting Batches

goods inFull traceability of products from point of receipt to point of shipment is essential for many businesses, with serial and batch numbers often used to help ensure that product recalls and customer returns are always effectively managed. However that’s not all, as many companies will also use batch numbers to ensure colour/exact style matches of goods such as carpets, tiles, wallpaper, timber etc.

Splitting batches of such goods gives rise to complexities in quantifying how much stock (in saleable quantities) is in each batch. Accurate recording of stock level quantities is crucial for businesses, however certain products are better quantified in one way whereas for others, such as carpets, a different method of quantifying saleable stock is more appropriate.

OrderWise already provides users with extensive serial and batch traceability, including functionality for splitting a quantity of goods upon receipt from a supplier into separate batches. This is particularly useful where a delivery of items is received but contains more than one manufacturer/supplier batch number within the delivery. Splitting the delivery into multiple batches can keep the items with the same manufacturer/supplier batch number together and separate from others.

Easily Update Quantities Based On Length And Width

For businesses who quantify goods by length and width and sell them by the area they will cover, such as carpets or tiles, OrderWise now provides functionality to enable split batch quantities to be updated based on the length and width measurements entered. For example:

  • Batch 350pxA delivery of 10 rolls of carpet is received, each measuring 10m (L) x 5m (W). However, 5 of the rolls have one manufacturer’s batch number, and the other 5 rolls have a different manufacturer’s batch number.
  • The delivery is to be split into two batches (of 5 rolls each).
  • By entering 10m (L) and 5m (W) into the relevant fields in the Split Batches Form, OrderWise will update the quantity of carpet to show a quantity of 250 in each batch (ie: 5 rolls x 10m x 5m = 250m2).

Such a feature allows for quick, easy and accurately converted stock quantity levels to be viewable as soon as goods are booked in, and provides flexibility in the way that stock level quantities are calculated. Individual unit items can still be used where applicable, but now the area that can be covered by particular products in m2 can be used for businesses dealing with carpet and tiles etc.

Further time saving is achieved through a new copy down feature so that a line can be split for when different size items arrive. The length and width can be entered for the first line and this can then be copied down to all lines, and those with different lengths and widths can then be edited as appropriate.

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