Flexible Handling of Customer Bulk Orders With OrderWise

Order ManagementThere are many industries where call off contracts and drawing down from bulk orders is seen as standard practice. By raising these bulk orders, customers are able to secure products and agree pricing based on the overall bulk quantity required, but then only order stock in as it is required. However although businesses handling bulk orders and their call off requirements is common, the ways of managing these are not and depending on what is needed will often depend on which method a company chooses to adopt. One scenario in particular that can arise quite frequently occurs when businesses are trading with large multi-branch organisations and are expected to supply the stock across these multiple locations.

This can be quite common for businesses providing things such as office furniture, shop fittings, signage and even apparel where branches may call off stock over the course of a season. Usually in these situations, it will be the company’s head office that would raise the initial bulk order but then the subsequent call offs and attached invoices would be made to the individual branches. If companies encountering these circumstances on a regular basis don’t have the right processes in place to handle these type of bulk orders, businesses can find themselves sending stock to the wrong locations, over or under supplying to certain branches and encountering payment issues. Therefore for these businesses to be able to deliver on these branch call off requirements and instil confidence in their customers that they are the right supplier going forward, it is important for them to have the accurate, structured controls in place to handle these bulk orders effectively.

Bulk OrdersAchieve Structured Management of Your Bulk Orders  & Call Offs With OrderWise

Providing businesses with these controls is OrderWise Bulk Orders & Call Offs, which provides users with the ability handle the processing of bulk orders and their subsequent call off contracts correctly. Offering streamlined management, flexible payment processing and full visibility of Call Off History including full details of quantities required, sent and awaiting to be sent, businesses using OrderWise Bulk Orders can benefit from efficient running of projects and assurance that all sales opportunities are always fully capitalised.

Now version 11.3 of OrderWise sees an enhancement made to this popular functionality that enables the use of this module to be tailored to handle call offs from a bulk order that are raised by a different customer. With the relevant security setting activated, when creating a call off from a bulk order an override customer form will be shown. The user will be able to perform a quick search for the customer they are looking for and then the call off sales order will be generated for that selected customer.

Thanks to this new feature and the added flexibility it provides, users can now utilise OrderWise Bulk Orders & Call Offs to easily manage situations where a large organisation is raising a bulk order with stock then being called off to their individual branches.

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