More Flexible Control Over Customer Accounts With New Manual On Hold Button

Sales thumbFor businesses managing account customers, it can often be difficult to find the right balance between providing clients with a flexible payment service and keeping tight control over company finances. On most occasions businesses will arrange a credit limit with their customer, keep track of this whenever the customer raises a new order and then have the customer automatically placed on hold if they breach the terms of their credit agreement. Although this way of working is effective in most cases, in some instances businesses may require more manual control over placing a customer account on hold.

Although the option is there for the customer’s credit limit to be lowered or removed to ensure orders are not shipped without payment, if the issue with the customer is only short term then changing credit limits simply cause additional work once trading returns to normal.  Therefore to assist with better management of these circumstances, businesses will require the ability to manually control the customer’s account so that they can be managed and placed on hold on a more case by case basis.

Invoice DueNew Feature Allows On Hold Customer Account Override

Existing functionality within OrderWise already provides extensive ways to manage customer accounts, including the ability to check a customer’s credit limit on every order, ensure credit terms are being met and control when their account is placed on hold. Now an enhancement to this widely used functionality has been added in version 10.7 of OrderWise that effectively gives users the ability to manually override the automated on hold checks with a simple tick box.

To facilitate this, a new Manual On Hold flag can be found within the credit detail tab inside a customer’s record. By using this new flag in-conjunction with the Check Credit Limit On Every Order, users are able to receive an informative notification on order save as to customer’s current status and then have full flexible control over when they are and are not on hold.

For existing OrderWise users wishing to make use of this feature, a new system utility has also been made available to accommodate for this enhancement when upgrading to the latest version.

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