Flexible Use Of Kits With New Quick Adjust Feature

KittingSuch is the diversity of the type of kits available, when it comes to the booking in and storing of these products, each business will choose to manage this process differently. Commonly when businesses are ordering kitted products in from suppliers, the whole kit will be ordered but in most cases booked into stock as its component parts. For example a furniture company may order a bed, however this will likely arrive from suppliers as several component parts. To save space in the warehouse, companies will choose to keep these items in stock as the separate parts but sell the item as one whole unit. Although this is commonly the case for kits that are purchased, it is not the same situation for every company.

PalletStockFor some businesses, it can be that the kit is bought as a whole unit but sold as either a whole unit or as its individual component parts. As an example, a company may buy a whole of pallet of stock which may be stocked and sold as such, or it may be that individual boxes from that pallet are sometimes used to fulfil sales order demand. If the stock contained on these pallets also varies regularly, then it may be that a simple stock adjustment or transformation to manage this will not suffice. In fact, different revisions are required to ensure that the cost of the component stock retrieved from the pallet matches up to the amount for which the whole pallet was originally bought. Therefore in order to avoid any costing errors and unaccounted losses, it is important for businesses handling these type of kitted products to be able to strike the right balance between controlled management over and flexible use of their stock.

Tool KitDecide If And When Kits Are Broken Down Into Components

With the OrderWise Kitting Module, businesses are already provided with a structured, accurate method of handling the purchasing, stocking and despatch of both kits and their relevant components. You can read more about our Kitting Module HERE. Now in version 11.2 of OrderWise, users of this module have been provided with the added flexibility of choosing how their kitted stock is utilised.

The first part of this is a new setting that provides users with the option to not break down purchase kits when they are booked into stock. Previously a kitted item would be automatically broken down into its component parts upon arriving into stock, however this new setting offers the flexibility for users to keep some kits as whole items and break others down into components on an ad-hoc basis.

FlexibilityQuickly Adjust Kitted Products With OrderWise

This is achieved through another new addition, which is a new Quick Adjust Kits feature. With the relevant setting activated, this feature will be available through a new button which has been added to the variant information transaction grid. When a transaction for a kit is selected, this useful new button can be used to break the kit down into components for a specific revision. When the save button is clicked, the quantity required from each transaction will be adjusted out and the required components adjusted into stock.

Thanks to this great new functionality, businesses managing Kitted products through OrderWise are able to strike just the right balance between easy, accurate cost allocations and flexible control over how each individual piece of kitted stock is used to fulfil demand.

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