More New Features Added To OrderWise Commerce

websiteLast month, the OrderWise Commerce Platform received a major upgrade with a range of highly useful new features added. These great new additions included a new Purchasing Management System, the ability to manage Click & Collect orders, Custom Profiles and Free Shipping Notifications. Each of these new features were designed to enhance what the OrderWise Commerce Platform was created to do and that is facilitate the perfect online shopping experience, from customer browsing and order import all the way through to back-end management and fulfilment. You can read more about these new features and OrderWise Commerce Websites in last month’s blog HERE.

Now in version 11.2 of OrderWise, three more great new features have been added to help OrderWise Commerce users further enhance the online shopping experience for their customers.

Favourites ListFavourites List

When it comes to shopping online, many of us will be familiar with a wish lists, where consumers can add items to buy later which are then automatically removed once purchased. However these wish lists don’t help the many occasions where the customer wants to keep track of certain items that they may want to purchase again in the future or on a regular basis going forward. Without a method of managing these occasions in place, businesses can find their online customers have no choice but to end up manually searching for the same items each time they logon to place an order.

To solve this problem and create a faster, better overall shopping experience for customers ordering the same items on a regular basis, a brand new Favourites List option has been added to the OrderWise Commerce platform. Unlike a wish list, the fixed favourites enables customers to create a list of their favourite products and purchase them from this favourites list. Most importantly, these items are still kept on the list after, making for easier repeat purchases.

different colour clothesVariant Grid

Something that was included as part of the Purchasing Management System last month, the Variant Grid has now been made available as standard to allow for simpler ordering of products that come in different size and colour variations.

When ordering items such as apparel, customers will often want to see all size and colour options that an item comes in to ensure they order the exact variation they desire. The new OrderWise Commerce Variant Grid makes this possible by displaying all the variants to the customer as individual products. This means that information specific to that variation is shown rather than just viewing the general information relating to the products as a whole. What’s more, ordering these items now couldn’t be easier as multiple products can be added to the cart with just a single click.

Buying ListBuy Lists

The final new addition to the OrderWise Commerce Platform is the ability to create buy lists. A feature already available within the main OrderWise Software, Buy Lists are designed to help businesses control what their customers are able to purchase. Although this may seem like an odd notion to some businesses, in the pharmaceutical, chemical and certain food industries where strict regulations limit the purchasing of products, restricting customers from buying certain items based on their held licences can be quite common. Additionally, companies selling to both trade customers and end consumers through the same website may want to control the items available to purchase.

Providing an effective solution for these scenarios, Buy Lists can now be set up within the OrderWise Cart and used to list restricted items. Using this feature, users can simply add items and customers to a buy list and restrict that customer from being able to view or purchase those particular products. Customers not included, will have continue to have access to the full catalogue of products available.

With the addition of these three fantastic new features, businesses operating OrderWise Commerce Websites have even further flexibility to manage their eCommerce trading in the exact method that they require. By having the tools to carefully control what customers can buy and streamlining the ordering process, OrderWise Commerce users can ensure that their customers always benefit from a first-rate online shopping experience.

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