New Feature To Change Tracks Within CRM

CRMWhen it comes to managing customer relationships, every business will have their own method in place for progressing customers from general enquiry through to closed sale, ensuring that only the best customer service is delivered along the way, handling service requirements, resolving queries or complaints etc. To help put structure into key processes along this track, businesses will often utilise CRM systems to record all customer interactions and ensure all sales, service and other opportunities are fully maximised and successfully completed.

However such is the flexibility of how CRM is used, it is not uncommon for companies to operate on a daily basis with multiple different tracks active at once. Businesses may for example have different tracks set up for their different sales departments, sales channels, customer types or indeed something else entirely. Although by working in this way offers more tailored management of customer opportunities, businesses can often find that an opportunity will begin on one track and will then need to be switched over to another down the line.

CRM TrackRemove The Headaches Caused By Starting On The Wrong Track

This can happen for a number of reasons, but most commonly it is often simply a case where as more information from the customer is gathered, it becomes clear that the opportunity is on the wrong track and needs to be moved on to the correct one. However without the flexibility to do this seamlessly, problems can quickly start to arise. In many cases, businesses will simply have to close down the opportunity and start a new one on the right track. This means valuable time is used manually copying all the information gathered up until that point over to the new opportunity, reporting on the outcome of opportunities is skewed, the incorrect processes are followed or even the customer being missed altogether.

With the OrderWise CRM module, businesses are already able to effectively manage all new enquiries, customer account contact, sales opportunities and general interactions with clients. Offering the ability to fully customise opportunity details, milestones and tasks to suit requirements, as well as manage staff time through diary and pipeline management, it is no wonder OrderWise CRM is popular amongst our users. You can read more about this HERE.

Now in version 10.9 of OrderWise, a major new enhancement has been made to enable users to now effortlessly change an opportunity’s track while also archiving all previously completed activities and their related details.

CRM Building BlockKeep Your Sales Opportunities On The Right Track With OrderWise

This functionality has been facilitated by a new Change Track button that has been added to both the CRM Opportunity List and Opportunity History screens. Permitted users will be able to simply click this button and select the correct track from a list of all active tracks except the one to which the selected opportunity currently belongs.

Once the user has selected the new track and a check has been made to ensure no one is editing the current opportunity, the opportunity ID and track will be passed onto the opportunity’s new form. During this process a new milestone is also created called “Previous Track” and all tasks that have activities stored against them or are scheduled will be moved to this new milestone. The milestone will have a rank place of 1 and be placed at the start of the opportunity with all milestones and tasks connected to the chosen track also placed into the opportunity.

With this great new functionality, businesses using OrderWise CRM can rest assured that should a customer start off on the wrong track, they can be quickly and seamlessly moved on to the correct one. With easy access to the customer’s entire opportunity history also able to be retained during this process, OrderWise CRM users can continue to use this invaluable module for maximum sales advantage.

businessreporting8 New CRM Reports Added

As well as the new change CRM track feature, the version 10.9 release of OrderWise also sees the inclusion of a number of new CRM reports. These 8 highly useful new reports are:

Complete Opportunities By Customer Sales Rep

Complete Opportunities By Sales Rep User Team

Complete Opportunities By Customer Territory

Complete Opportunities By Customer Account Manager

Opportunities By Customer Sales Rep

Opportunities By Customer Sales Rep User Team

Opportunities By Customer Territory

Opportunities By Customer Account Manager

A new report was also added for Purchasing this month, which you can read about HERE along with the several other enhancements that were added to Purchasing in version 10.9 of OrderWise. With these new reports, over 190 standard reports are now available within OrderWise.

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