Four Fantastic New Features Added To Sales

SalesDesigned with the sales person in mind, the OrderWise Sales module offers businesses a complete sales management solution with both a fast and intuitive interface. Presenting staff with all the tools they need to ensure exceptional customer service is given each and every time, OrderWise Sales provides users with instant access to relevant information combined with comprehensive functionality to effectively manage selling across multiple channels. By using the OrderWise Sales module which is fully integrated with the rest of OrderWise, companies can ensure that the profitability of each opportunity is always fully maximised.

Now extending the functionality available within the OrderWise Sales Module, four great new features have been added in version 10.10 of OrderWise to offer further enhanced management of this integral everyday business process.

Buying ListBuying List Against A Delivery Address

Last month, a new feature was added to enable businesses to be able to control customer buying activity, ideal for businesses operating in heavily regulated industries. This has been facilitated through the introduction of buying lists, which enable businesses to carefully manage what customers are and are not able to purchase. You can read more about this feature HERE.

Now further extending this functionality, OrderWise users can now also apply buying lists to customer delivery addresses. Now when a line is added to a sales order with buying lists being used, OrderWise will check to see if there is either a customer or delivery address buying list before either preventing the customer from buying the item or allowing them to finalise their purchase.

With this additional level of control, businesses using OrderWise have the flexibility to effectively handle situations where customer buying permissions may vary from branch to branch.

TaxEuroOverride Tax Rate Based On Certain Rules

Another new feature that was added to OrderWise last month was the ability for businesses to record delivery address tax rates. Developed to help curb a lack of staff knowledge regarding tax rates, this new feature also enabled users to set whether these delivery address tax rates override tax rates set against order lines or delivery methods. You can read more about this HERE.

Now this month sees this tax rate functionality further expanded to add a greater level of automation in how tax rates are applied. This has been facilitated by a new form that can now be set up to determine how tax rates are applied within OrderWise. With the correct settings activated, on this tax rate form users can choose five tax rates to be set against a predetermined set of rules. These rules will then decide which tax rate is used to override the delivery method and sales order line tax rates within a sales order. These rules are:

  • Delivery country code is the base country code and the customer has no VAT number
  • Delivery country code is the base country code and the customer has a VAT number
  • Delivery country code is an EU country and the customer has no VAT number
  • Delivery country code is an EU country and the customer has a VAT number
  • Rest of the World

This incredibly useful new feature enables businesses using OrderWise to benefit from automatically determined tax rates, removing the risk of human error while also offering greater levels of efficiency when raising sales orders.

pricecalculatorGreater Accuracy With Price Calculator

Using a pricing model where the price of an item is determined by the customisation involved can be common within a number of trading environments where bespoke items are sold, in particular the printing, sign making and apparel industries or indeed any business selling materials by the measure.

However businesses using this pricing model will often fall into the trap of using only a few decimal places when making their calculations. The problem with this is that without the right level of accuracy in their calculations, items can often end up being priced at a few pence less than they would be if extra decimal places were used. Although this doesn’t seem like a lot, money being lost out on each order can eventually end up to the overall profitability of a business suffering as a result.

Offering the perfect tool for any business using this kind of pricing model, the OrderWise Price Calculator provides a simple to use solution enabling accurate pricing and recording of these customisation requirements. Adding an enhancement to this widely used feature this month, the price calculator can now be set to generate item prices based on eight decimal places rather than four. This enables businesses using this tool to benefit from more precise product pricing and achieve a greater level of control over item profitability.

AlternativessignpostAlternative Item Stock Set For Stock Location

The Alternative Items tab found within the OrderWise enables staff to maximise sales opportunities by suggesting alternates when the item a customer may be looking for is currently out of stock or otherwise unavailable. With tabs for suggested items and previously sold items also available, having this information readily available is the perfect sales tool for businesses looking to increase the profitability of the orders they receive.

The final new addition to OrderWise Sales this month is an enhancement to this Alternative Items tab in order to provide sales staff with a better idea of available stock for these items. Previously within this tab, users would be able to view the overall free stock figure for the item across all stock locations. Refining this in version 10.10 of OrderWise, two new stock quantity fields have been linked to the alternate items grid to reflect how this feature is used. Now within the alternative items tab on the sales order entry form, users will be able to see both the free stock quantity and overall stock quantity for the selected item within their current stock location.

This small but practical new enhancement provides sales staff with greater awareness as to stock for alternative items currently available on the premises, allowing opportunities to be fully maximised and exceptional customer service to be delivered.

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