Expanded visibility of formatted text

OrderWise allows you to store a whole host of information about products, customers, suppliers, create custom fields, store manufacturing instructions, record and manage conversations and contacts and much, much more.  The type of information being recorded will dictate the kind of field made available and there are many areas within OrderWise where a formatted text field is used.  Formatted text fields can be identified by the availability of font, size, colour and formatting options.  These are available where users may potentially need to record a large amount of information, particularly where this information may then be added onto layouts and documents for printing and emailing.

Companies love the ability to store in depth information in one central location, eliminating the need to have key documents, details and instructions stored on external unconnected applications, but when large amounts of information is recorded within these formatted text fields it can become difficult to review effectively.  This is because although there is a scroll bar available there are situations where a more compete view of the overall layout, detail and design of the document on screen is beneficial.

See the whole picture with ease

In the 2014 v9.1 release there has been an enhancement made to all formatted text fields within OrderWise.  Users will notice that when they move their cursor to the top right hand corner of a formatted text box a button with cross hairs appears.  By clicking on this button a separate window will appear that is an expanded view of the formatted text field.   This new window can be sized as required and provide the same functionality as the field it has been expanded from (view or edit).  Once the relevant information has been viewed or edited then users can simply return out of the expanded editor.

For more information on OrderWise and the user friendly features provided watch our videos or download the brochures.

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