Every second counts – new Date/Time control

When creating new sales, purchasing and transfer orders within OrderWise, although the order date will default to the current date, users have the ability to change this if required.  This means that should the order be inputted at a later date following a trade show or client visit for example, the actual date of order can be accurately recorded.

Time control

In the 2013 v8.11 release we have added the ability to ensure this detail can be even more accurately recorded by including the ability to over write the order time.  As with the order date the time will automatically default to the current time but users are now able to amend this as required to ensure the actual time the order was placed is accurately recorded.  This is not only useful for the example of inputting orders retrospectively but also to ensure the correct time is recorded when converting a quote to a sales order.

Although this level of detail is not essential for every user, there are certain benefits that can be gained from this information.  In addition to the obvious benefit of providing a full and accurate audit trail of an order, the time of order can be used to analyse order fulfilment timescales, identify peak times for orders being placed to manage staffing requirements more effectively, ensure order cut off times are accurately controlled and much more.

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