GS1 Barcodes Are Now An Essential For Marketplace Retailers – But Can They Also Increase Sales Revenue?

Barcode TabletsFor online retailers and manufacturers, selling products on popular online marketplaces can be a bit of a juggling act. Businesses want their listings across their numerous accounts to be kept effectively managed and regularly updated, but also want to ensure that their orders are effectively fulfilled on the back end too. However with so many important variables to control, companies can often forget one of the most important aspects of marketplace selling and that is making their products stand out from the rest of the crowd. What’s more with so many online selling advisors offering tips on how best to achieve this, it can be difficult for businesses to know which guidance to follow. Luckily, there is a simple solution and it starts with GS1 UK.

Already a requirement for any business operating in the food, pharmaceutical or apparel industries, GS1 barcoding standards are now becoming increasingly important for online businesses too. The reason for this is that large marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping already have enormous product catalogues and they have realised that in order to help them manage this effectively, they need to ensure that their users provide unique identifiers for the items that they are selling. That’s why these marketplaces have begun to push the use of GS1 Barcodes as they will allow them to know exactly what’s being sold, helping products become easier to find and buy for consumers.

For their unique identifiers, GS1 UK use varying forms of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) which are a globally recognised standard that have been used in retail for over 40 years and in the UK are commonly seen as regular EAN barcodes. As mentioned previously, when you list your product on Amazon, eBay or Google Shopping you now need to have one of these barcodes for each product you are listing, which to a lot of sellers can initially be seen as a laborious and unnecessary task. However the benefits are not just for the marketplaces themselves to deliver a better browsing experience, but also the sellers too.

eBayAmazonGoogleIdentify Your Products & Help Them Get Found With GS1 UK

With millions upon millions of products now being listed on websites and marketplaces across the globe, having these barcodes is vital to any business trying to make a success of their online operation. On a basic categorising level, if a business ends up numbering their data incorrectly and use the same identifier as another product, it causes a data conflict that will make the items they are selling impossible to find. However the benefits of GS1 Barcodes go beyond simply good product organisation, they can actually help drive increased sales too.

GS1 Barcodes are used by all major marketplaces, so if businesses get their basics in place it is then easy to grow their business across their multiple seller accounts. By having the structured data that the GS1 product identifiers provide firmly in place, companies trading on marketplaces can increase the visibility of their items online. This is because by being able to uniquely identify what’s being listed on their marketplace, the likes of eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping can help businesses list their products better as they know to which areas they are related. From this, marketplaces can then also offer greater insight into how best to list particular products, optimise exposure and engage buyers to help generate more sales. This is particular prevalent through Google Shopping as using GS1 Barcodes allows the search engine to know enough to drive the right customers to a company’s product listing, meaning these listed adverts deliver greater, more relevant traffic.

multichannel conceptKeep Day-To-Day Order Management Streamlined With Multi-Channel Software

However although GS1 Barcodes are a standard requirement for online retailers and manufacturers that provides a base level of traffic to their products, it is important that businesses don’t rest on their laurels and think that their work is done. Entering product data, constantly updating prices, managing the listing of items across multiple seller accounts and multiple platforms, as well as the back end order processing is a lot for businesses to manage. In many cases, it doesn’t leave much time for online traders to actively promote their listings. Therefore businesses should also look to use multi-channel management software to not only automate a lot of their day-to-day processes, but also remove the need for duplicating data entry across marketplace platforms. This then offers businesses the free time they need to ensure each of their listings are fully optimised with each subsequent order promptly and accurately fulfilled.

In conclusion, GS1 UK’s role in assisting online businesses with getting their products catalogued on marketplaces correctly is clear. With marketplaces already using the organisation to help better understand their users and the items they are selling, businesses should be looking to use the standards set by GS1 UK to help increase their online sales. By then using multi-channel software that is compatible with GS1 Barcodes to manage listings and order management on the back-end effectively, businesses can ensure they have all the tools they need to propel their online venture forward.

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