EPOS options to display both net & gross totals

EposAlthough primarily designed and used within retail environments where customers would only be concerned about the gross payment total, there are instances where B2B sales are conducted via EPOS tills.  In these situations, although the customer will still be making a payment including any VAT due, they would also be interested in the net total of the goods they are purchasing.

OrderWise EPOS ScreenThe OrderWise EPOS module which is designed to work on touch screen displays already has settings to display line pricing as net, gross or both.  The 2014 v9.3 release now enables the order total to be displayed as either gross or as both net and gross providing users with full pricing details by line and total to meet customer requirements.  This feature can also be of benefit when a combination of products with different VAT rates are sold on the same order to provide greater insight and information to both staff and customers.

For more information on the OrderWise EPOS module or to find out more about other OrderWise Sales Order processing options including POS (Trade Counter) watch our videos and download the brochure.

Existing OrderWise users can find full details on the EPOS module along with EPOS hardware packages on the OrderWise Online Shop.

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