Two New Enhancements To OrderWise Manufacturing

Manufacturing thumbLast month, the ability to fully utilise barcode scanning technology in all aspects of manufacturing operations was introduced with the grand release of OrderWise Manufacturing on our massively popular Mobile WMS Devices. Using these devices in-conjunction with Manufacturing in the main OrderWise system, businesses are provided with a comprehensive suite of functionality developed to manage a wide range of manufacturing environments. If you missed it last month, you can read all about this great new functionality HERE.

Now in version 10.5 of OrderWise, two more new features have been added to yet further increase the efficiency and flexibility of OrderWise Manufacturing, both in-system and on Mobile WMS Devices.

14636 - Multi works order picks WIPMulti-Select Works Order Picks

In busy manufacturing environments where workers are striving to build products as quickly and as accurately as possible, it is important for businesses to ensure works order picks are effectively managed. It is important for businesses to ensure components are speedily collected in order to avoid manufacturing delays that may lead to costly production down time and dissatisfied customers.

With OrderWise Manufacturing, users can now benefit from simpler works order pick assignment and maximum works order picking efficiency, thanks to the addition of a brand multi works order pick creation feature. Companies with large volumes of works order to manage can now multi select and create individual works order picks for each at the click of a button.  This feature really comes in to its own when used in conjunction with works order picking on the Mobile WMS Devices as following multi WO pick creation they can be assigned at the click of a button to the appropriate picker for speedy component collection on their mobile device.

With the addition of this great new feature, businesses using OrderWise Manufacturing are provided with the flexibility to create multiple works order picks when appropriate, allowing greater picking efficiency and manufacturing productivity to be achieved.

RP1200_FrontManufacturing moduleLFPFlexible Management of Logging For Processes

Each manufacturing business will have their own method of managing how the details, labour and equipment associated with completing works order processes are logged. Some businesses will require greater control and will want to restrict this task to supervisory or managerial duties, others will simply leave it up to the member of staff completing the process itself to properly log all relevant information.

Now OrderWise Mobile Manufacturing users are provided with the flexibility to effectively manage logging for processes in a way best suited to serve their way of working. Thanks to two simple but useful new security settings, businesses can decide whether logging is limited to the assigned worker and whether or not completed processes are displayed.

When the latter is turned off, it will hide a process once it has been completed and hide the works order once all processes assigned to the user have been completed, giving businesses the flexibility to limit what workers on Mobile WMS Devices are able to view.

With these two great new additions to OrderWise Manufacturing functionality both in-system and on Mobile WMS Devices, businesses are provided with greater flexibility and control over staff resource management and their permissions when completing manufacturing processes. By using these two new features effectively, businesses can ensure that both maximum accuracy and efficiency all throughout their manufacturing operations is achieved.

For more information on OrderWise Manufacturing on Mobile WMS Devices, existing users can contact our Client Service Advisors team today.

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