Two New Enhancements To OrderWise EPOS Provide Better Multi-Currency Handling

EPOSthumbForeign tourists are now a key market for many businesses and it is becoming increasingly common for retailers to accept payments from customers in multiple different currencies in order for sales to be maximised and increased revenue to be generated. To coincide with this, a number of new features and enhancements have been added to OrderWise EPOS in the last few months to help retailers deliver excellent customer service and efficiently process orders received from foreign tourists visiting their stores. You can read about some of these new additions HERE.

Now in version 10.6 of OrderWise, another two new enhancements have been added to provide even greater handling and more logical processing of foreign currency payments in retail environments.

international-cash-1379469-mGive Change In Local Currency In EPOS

Although many businesses operating retail counters will happily accept cash payments in multiple currencies, commonly they will only be able to provide any change required to be given to the customer in the local currency in which they are regularly trading. Without a method of automatically calculating the change due to a customer after they have over paid in a foreign currency, businesses run the risk of slowing order processing times in these busy environments and giving customers the incorrect change.

Allowing these situations to be handled both accurately and effectively, new functionality has been added to OrderWise EPOS to enable users to render change to customers in a currency different to that used to pay for the order. Once the relevant settings have been activated and set up procedures have been carried out, customers can then place EPOS orders in any currency set up in the system. Then when more money is tendered than the order total, OrderWise will automatically calculate the change due to the customer in the local currency. With this new feature relying heavily on currency exchange rates being as accurate as possible, users are recommended to use the OrderWise Currency Exchange Rate Service. You can read about this functionality HERE.

Thanks to this new functionality, businesses using OrderWise EPOS can continue to serve customers efficiently, ensuring they have the flexibility to quickly and accurately calculate the correct change a customer is due, regardless of the currency in which they choose to pay.

multi skilledChange Customer During EPOS Order or Refund

The second new addition to further help businesses operating multiple currencies within OrderWise EPOS is the ability to change customer when part way through processing an order or a refund. Although customers paying for goods or receiving a refund in a foreign currency will usually state that this is the case beforehand, there are instances where the customer may not mention this fact until after the staff member has begun to process the order or refund. In these instances staff would usually have to cancel the order or refund, leading to an increase in the number of transactions being voided.

In order to keep the number of void transactions and the subsequent administration of these transactions to a minimum, OrderWise EPOS users now have the ability to change the customer against an order or refund during the process of completing it. This means that if a customer is paying or receiving a refund in a foreign currency and doesn’t mention it straight away, OrderWise EPOS users can now simply and easily switch to a customer account set up in the right currency, carefully avoiding the need to void the transaction.

For more information on the OrderWise EPOS module or to find out more about other OrderWise Sales Order processing options including POS (Trade Counter) watch our videos and download the brochure.

Existing OrderWise users can find full details on the EPOS module along with EPOS hardware packages on the OrderWise Online Shop.

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