Three New Enhancements For Better Management Of Warehouse Pickers

Manufacturing thumbIn busy warehouse environments where every day warehouse activities and manufacturing tasks both need to be effectively managed, managers and supervisors tasked with overseeing these operations need to be constantly alert to changing circumstances as they occur. In a lot of cases, warehouse staff will be required to perform multiple different tasks throughout their day, from stock maintenance activities such as stock takes, replenishments and adjustments through to picking stock for despatch, manufacturing work orders and possibly even completing manufacturing processes themselves.

With the urgency at which these tasks need to be performed and the staff available to complete them constantly fluctuating, it is important for the managers responsible for pick and work assignment to have the up-to-date information they need to ensure this is managed effectively. By having the visibility of available staff, their current workload and the ability to manage resources to meet changing demands, businesses can ensure that picks are always evenly assigned and manufacturing work correctly prioritised.

Within OrderWise, businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices to manage their warehouse operations already have the ability to automate the despatch pick assignment process through the use of Pick Rules and Pick Amalgamation, which you can read more about HERE. However for businesses also going through manufacturing processes, a number of highly useful new features have been added in version 10.7 of OrderWise to allow staff completing work and picks to be easily managed.

timemanagementAssign, Reassign and Unassign Multiple Picks In Open Works Order Picks

In most cases, warehouse staff tasked with picking goods for despatch will also be the ones picking stock for works orders. Therefore when orders come in for customers that need to be despatched urgently or there are manufacturing works order deadlines that need to be met, it is important that staff time is properly controlled and that the right picks are prioritised.

To help with this issue, it is now possible within OrderWise to assign, reassign and unassign multiple picks at once in the Open Works Order Picks grid. Users can then simply select multiple records before using the corresponding assign and unassign buttons to manage their staff accordingly.

highpriorityPrioritise Button Added To Assign Worker to Process Grid

Just as picks need to be prioritised, manufacturers will also need to ensure that their manufacturing processes are managed in the same way. Although in previous versions of OrderWise permitted users did have the functionality to move processes up and down in the priority order, this feature has now been further enhanced to present a more streamlined and practical approach of handling this task.

In version 10.7 of OrderWise, a new prioritise button has been added that enables users to simply select the single or multiple processes and hit this button to send those processes to the top of the priority order. OrderWise will then attempt to sort the priorities by reordering the list and resorting the order numbers for the form.

Move Mode Needs To Be Editable On Assign Pick

The final new addition is to assist businesses using our Mobile WMS Devices in-conjunction with our Picker Performance Monitoring and Picking Timers. This incredible functionality enables OrderWise users to optimise the productivity levels within their warehouse by utilising a countdown timer based on average travel times between bins. In addition, businesses can use this feature to identify any potential efficiency issues within their operations so that these can be swiftly corrected. You can read more about this great functionality HERE.

RP1200_Gather TimerOne of the key aspects of our countdown features is to assign pickers move modes, as staff may be picking by hand or using things such as fork lifts, pallet trucks or tote trollies to collect orders. Obviously depending what move mode a member of staff is using will affect the time it takes them to travel across the warehouse and complete their pick. Therefore it is important that should a picker change their move mode prior to conducting a pick, this information is recorded beforehand so that average time results are not skewed and the picker’s productivity levels are correctly monitored.

To accommodate for these situations, a new feature has been added to enable users to override the picking move mode when assigning a pick. While the move mode will be set against the Mobile WMS Device user, the override can now be chosen by permitted users pick by pick when assigning orders.

These three great new enhancements assist OrderWise users with warehouse management and the assignment of works order processes, despatch and works order picks to warehouse staff. By using this functionality, businesses using OrderWise can ensure that priorities, changing circumstances and staff resources are always easily and effectively handled.

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