Newly Enhanced Product Search Matrix Grid

MatrixthumbFor many businesses, the generation, purchasing and selling of products available in a range of sizes, colours and styles can be a long, time-consuming process that can cause a real headache. In a lot of cases, businesses have no simple method of managing this process and have no choice but to manually add each new product line in every different size and colour individually. Although an obvious hassle for businesses in the clothing and apparel industry, businesses selling paint in different sized bottles, coloured paper in different shapes and shades, paving in different styles and lengths and much more, will also suffer the same problems when managing the everyday maintenance of their items.

With the OrderWise Size and Colour Matrix, businesses are already provided with a simple, fast method of adding, purchasing and selling these kind of products. Displaying products in a tabular format, the OrderWise Size and Colour Matrix allows for easy selection of multiple similar products, plus the ability to efficiently select a product during the sales order process.

Colour MatrixSimple & Streamlined Management of Products Available In Different Sizes & Colours

When using the Size and Colour Matrix, adding clothing products in different sizes becomes a simple and efficient operation. Instead of keying in multiple products that have one attribute slightly different from one another, for example a green t-shirt that may come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, users simply set up a Size and Colour Matrix template and a base product. With this information, OrderWise will then create a full set of products with unique product codes, leaving the user safe in the knowledge that human error can be discounted – as well as the monotony of adding hundreds of similar products!

However one of the key aspects of the OrderWise Size and Colour Matrix is how this is used in-conjunction with the OrderWise Sales and Purchasing Modules. During a sales order a client may ask for a certain item of clothing for example. The Product Search Matrix Grid can then be loaded via the product search facility, showing your sales operator the exact level of stock across each dimension.

Now in version 10.5 of OrderWise, two small but useful new enhancements have been added to this Product Search Matrix Grid, making this feature even more efficient and user-friendly to sales staff when serving customers looking for a particular colour or size of an item.

13821 - Matrix ScrollingGreater Visibility With A New Alternate Colour Scheme

The first is that when the Product Search Matrix Grid is loaded via the order entry form, the top part of the grid now has the alternate row colour scheme applied. Existing users will already be familiar with this colour scheme which is used throughout OrderWise, as it displays key information in a way that is both clearly visible and easy to read.

Greater Efficiency With Half The Scrolling

The second new enhancement makes scrolling through the Product Search Matrix Grid faster and easier than before, with the bottom grid now mirroring the top grid. Now when in the product search window, scrolling through the top grid and selecting a cell automatically jumps to the corresponding cell in the lower grid. This removes the need to double scroll by eliminating the process of manually moving through the lower grid, allowing sales staff to streamline the process of checking stock level, pricing and other information displayed in the lower grid when adding matrix products to a sales order.

With these two new enhancements, businesses using OrderWise to manage products of different colours and sizes can make full use of this newly improved, highly efficient and simple-to-use product search matrix grid. By having sales staff use this feature effectively, users can benefit from even faster sales order processing with OrderWise.

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