Achieve Enhanced Management of Your Amazon Listings With These New Features

Marketplace IntegrationWith many companies trading on Amazon offering thousands of different items and trading through several different accounts, traders are constantly looking for the right back end solution to effectively manage the fulfilment of their online orders and also streamline the creating and listing of their products. Often the biggest problem faced by many Amazon traders is how best to manage the listing of their products in a manner that is accurate, meets Amazon’s product information guidelines and means staff are not sat for hours on end inputting information into Amazon.

Providing this solution, June saw monumental new development added to enable businesses to manage Amazon Product Creation and Listing through OrderWise. Simple to use and fully integrated with the rest of OrderWise, our Amazon Listing tool provides the functionality for businesses to easily list items already existing on Amazon or create brand new items to list on Amazon, automate product price updates to stay competitive, receive recommendations for better listing tips and much, much more. You can read about this functionality HERE.

Now extending the functionality available with Amazon Listings, several more highly useful new features have been added in version 10.10 of OrderWise to help users gain effective management over their product listings.

multicolourclothesVariation Product Listings

For any business selling products that come in different size, colour and any other variations on Amazon, it is important that these items are listed both efficiently and effectively. To manage this, Amazon traders will usually create one Master listing for the product with all available variations appearing via little images or a dropdown menu within the one listing. Listing products that come in different size and colour variations in this manner not only allows businesses to save time and keep listing volumes manageable by only creating the one listing, but also ensuring sales are not lost through customers simply not being aware that their desired variation is available to purchase.

Within OrderWise, users already have the ability to manage the listing of products that come in different variations on eBay. Now in version 10.10 of OrderWise, functionality has been added to allow businesses to also manage variation product listings on the Amazon marketplace.

To manage this, users are now able to mark items as variation listings when setting up their products and variants to be listed on Amazon. With the flexibility to have a mix of variation variants and stand-alone variants under a parent product record, users simply apply this new setting as it is required. Any items flagged within OrderWise as variation listings will be grouped with their relevant product, which will be used as the Master listing, when listed on Amazon. Once users have assigned the required templates and marked items as variation listings, users simply need to follow the normal Amazon listing process.

Colour MatrixAdditionally businesses can now choose to use a swatch image on their variation listing, allowing their customers to select their desired option from a group pictures rather than a drop down menu. Set up under an item’s Amazon Listing details, this functionality allows users to further customise the appearance of their Amazon Listings to attract customers.

Thanks to this great new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise can now benefit from simple, fast and structured handling of variation listings on Amazon, allowing them to maximise sales by promoting all available variations of an item from one single listing.

amazonhomeHave Multiple Amazon Listing Records Against Your Items

With so many online businesses and independent retailers selling the same product on Amazon, it can often be quite difficult for companies to know which one to list their own products against in order to help it stand out from the others. Therefore to help generate maximum exposure to their products, businesses trading on Amazon will often look to list their items in as many places as possible. However as each item listed on Amazon requires its own Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) it is important for businesses to have a listing tool that allows multiple ASINs to be stored against single items.

Now in version 10.10 of OrderWise, new functionality has been added that allows users to have the same OrderWise item selling against multiple Amazon Listings. To accommodate this, the Amazon Listings form within a variant record has been updated to the same style as the OrderWise eBay and Google Listing grids, allowing users to simply add and edit their listing records as required. When adding or editing a record for Amazon Listing, there is now a new drop down grid that allows users to simply select the seller/marketplace combination needed to then generate the new ASIN against the item.

By having the ability to generate multiple ASINs and sell against multiple Amazon Listings, businesses are able to benefit from greater awareness of their items and ultimately use this further advertising to increase product sales.

amazoncartDelivery Charge To Be Considered When Working Out The Amazon Competitive Price

The Amazon Buy Box is essentially the default purchasing option for any consumer simply looking to find the product they are after on Amazon at the cheapest price possible. Therefore on occasions where multiple traders are selling the same item, sellers being able to position their listing into the Amazon Buy Box can have a significant impact on the volume of orders they receive. In order to get into the Amazon Buy Box, businesses will utilise repricing tools to ensure their products remain competitively priced. However with an item’s delivery costs also taken into account when Amazon are choosing the listing to appear in their Buy Box, it is important that businesses are able to benefit from a repricing tool that includes delivery costs.

To manage this within OrderWise Amazon Listings in version 10.10, a new enhancement has been made to our Amazon repricing tool to take delivery costs into consideration. This functionality has been facilitated by a new setting that ensures the OrderWise repricing tool uses an item’s landed cost, which is the listing and shipping price combined, when determining what the price should be in order to be competitive with other sellers.

By using this new feature, businesses can utilise the OrderWise Amazon repricing tool to ensure that their listed items always push competitors to beat them to the Buy Box, allowing sales to be fully maximised in the process.

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