Enhanced Control Of Returns With New Inspection Results

Returns thumbWith customer returns activity having such a large impact on business profitability and operations, it is important that customer returns processes are handled in the most structured and controlled manner in order to keep the costs incurred from returns to a minimum.

When an exchange, repair or refund is being offered on the back of stock being damaged or faulty, often businesses will need to inspect the stock first, either to determine the cause of the fault or confirm that the item being returned is indeed faulty.  For many companies there will be a distinct separation between the staff handling the administration side of the returns processes and those receiving and inspecting the items returned.

In these instances, it can be beneficial to have an additional levels of control as businesses will often not want the staff receiving and/or recording inspection results to have any further access to processing the return beyond this warehouse role.  Therefore in order to avoid staff accessing areas they shouldn’t be permitted to, processing returns incorrectly or even being open to possible fraud, businesses should ensure they have the right security measures in place to control staff access.

12440 - Return Inspection EntrySecure Control Of Staff Processing Customer Returns And Performing Product Inspections

To manage these situations in version 10.3 of OrderWise, new functionality has now been added to OrderWise Returns to enable the inspection detail recording screen to be accessed without providing access to the return itself. These inspection results are now held against customer return lines and can only be opened by users with the necessary security permissions via the edit inspection details button. This button can be found at the bottom of both the customer Returns Activity tab and Customer Returns History form and once pressed, will open up a separate window containing the stored inspection details for the selected customer returns line.

With this new functionality, OrderWise Returns users are able to carefully control who can access customer returns by allowing inspection details to be entered or edited without the need to enter into the actual returns entry form. This allows businesses to ensure that only staff members required to process returns are provided with the ability to do so, allowing for greater security levels and higher accuracy to be achieved as a result.

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