Enhanced Mobile Functionality Allows Extra Stock Replenishment

Warehouse Management

Ensuring picking stock is regularly replenished is a key part of any warehouse operation. Without effective management of picking stock levels, pickers will find they are being sent further away to pick stock or left waiting for stock to be retrieved from high racking or brought across from other stock locations. This can lead to businesses seeing a large increase in time spent picking, costs incurred and general warehouse inefficiency.

However, as businesses operate warehouses in different ways, and there being no one size fits all method that works best for every business, flexibility in the management of replenishment procedures is key to ensuring efficiency and productivity are maximised.

The OrderWise Stock Replenishment Module already provides businesses with a tailored, controlled and forecasted method of managing stock replenishments across multiple stock locations, either within the main OrderWise system or in conjunction with our Mobile WMS Devices.

Pallet Replenishment 350px newGreater Flexibility For Whole Pallet Replenishment

There may however be situations where it is desirable to replenish a whole bin quantity with a full pallet instead of just specific quantities to bring stock levels up.

This will allow businesses to avoid collecting stock from multiple replenishment bin locations and instead in one motion take one bulk pallet’s worth of stock and move it to the bin that requires a top up.

Handheld Replen 350px

Facilitating the ability to easily manage this process, this month’s OrderWise release sees functionality added to allow the replenishment of a picking bin with a full pallet regardless of whether the picking bin’s maximum stock quantity is less than a full pallet of items.

A new setting on the OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices will allow a user to override the given replenishment quantity and replenish with a full pallet instead.

With this new feature, businesses using OrderWise Stock Replenishments on Mobile WMS Devices are provided with even more flexibility to manage stock replenishment in the way that best suits their business.

More information on the range of warehouse management features provided by OrderWise can be found HERE, and existing users can contact our Client Services team.

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