Enhanced Mobile App Functionality Provides Fuller Pricing Information

Android AppFor sales reps visiting customers, it is important for them to have access to up-to-date and relevant pricing information so as to have the best chance of providing good service and negotiating business. Failure to have access to the required pricing information can mean a lack of credibility in front of customers and ultimately the loss of potential sales.

With many businesses operating with a variety of pricing structures for different customers it is useful for sales reps to have access to an item’s RSP, in addition to the customers discounted price, so that any relevant discount levels being offered are clearly viewable and can be discussed with the customer. By having this information to hand, businesses can highlight the discount already being offered and, if needed, further negotiate to close a sale.

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The OrderWise Mobile App already provides sales staff with a wealth of data and functionality on-the-go and in the upcoming OrderWise version 12.10 release, users will be provided with another enhancement to our exciting mobile sales tool.

Upon syncing data before a meeting (to ensure visible information is as live as possible), the new functionality will allow a user to see both the RSP of an item and the customer’s final pricing. The RSP will be struck through where it is not the final price that will be pulled through to the sales order, providing information that is both comprehensive and accurate, and in a clearly visible and easily accessible manner.

The continual enhancements to our mobile app functionality mean that businesses can be sure they have the tools required for today’s fast-paced business environment.

Further information on the OrderWise Mobile App can be found HERE, and existing users can contact our Client Services Team.

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