Enhanced control of Back to Back eCommerce orders

OrderWise eCommerce IntegrationSelling online enables many companies to vastly expand their product offering without the need to increase physical stockholdings.  With a well managed supply chain and good supplier relationships businesses are able to order on the back of demand in the knowledge goods can be quickly supplied and despatched to customers.  While in many cases these purchasing requirements would be handled as part of the standard procurement process, there may be certain products that will handled by the use of back to back ordering.  This is the process of a purchase order being generated and linked directly to the sales order the demand has come from.

Within OrderWise a Back to Back order will be triggered by either the item ordered or the customer ordering being flagged as Back to Back.  In situations where back to back requirements are generated through manual sales order input there is a staff member involved in the process, this is not the case for these orders when downloaded in to OrderWise from online channels.

Back to Back OrderingPurchase order control to meet company requirements

For many companies the streamlined nature of this process is hugely beneficial, administration is reduced, purchase orders are quickly raised and fulfilment speeds are maximised.  However where the back to back process is generating purchase orders for high value goods, products that require additional payment checks or if additional considerations need to be made then it may be desirable to review these first before committing to placing orders with suppliers.

To enable greater control of these situations there has been development to the eCommerce module in the 2014 v9.3 release that enables orders to be imported as paused when a back to back requirement is present.  This is controlled via a new session setting, allowing an additional level of control over procurement activity and ensuring all requirements can be fully checked before the order is fully processed.

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