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DespatchDuring busy times, seasonal peaks or throughout promotions, businesses will often find themselves processing large volumes of orders for certain items. From this companies can often fall into the trap of excessively handling stock prior to shipping, with warehouse efficiency, despatch times and customer service levels suffering as a result. Therefore it is important that when such substantial numbers of orders are being placed, companies have a fast, effective and streamlined method of managing the shipment of goods.

In circumstances where a company is aware that they are going to be receiving a lot of orders for an item, it can be particularly useful to prepare items for despatch prior to orders being received. As there are so many, businesses will not want to take from a pick face but instead stock items in bins all ready to be shipped and even potentially store these in replenishment bins within their bulk stock areas. By working in this way, orders can then be processed with warehouse staff simply needing to print out the address labels and shipping out the goods. This results in a much slicker, more efficient shipping method that ensures large volumes of orders are fully despatched as quickly as possible.

11514 - Auto ship from bin User Group SettingIntroducing New Auto Ship From Bin Button

To enable users to work in this way, a highly beneficial new feature was introduced in version 9.8 of OrderWise, but not covered in detail in the last Newsletter, that provides users with greater control over the existing auto ship functionality. This has been facilitated by a new auto ship from bin button that has been added to the orders requiring picking screen, which can be easily activated by turning on the relevant despatch user group setting.

With the setting turned on, users can then select one or multiple orders before clicking the auto ship from bin button. Users can then choose a stock location and bin from which the selected order(s) will have stock allocated before being subsequently auto shipped. If multiple orders are being shipped from a bin together, any orders that cannot be fully allocated will be de-allocated and an message will display the order numbers that could not be shipped. Orders with all lines successfully allocated will then be shipped.

11514 - Auto ship from bin Order req pickingEfficient Management Of Large Order Volumes

Users also have the ability to activate a quick search option to find the bin number they wish to use to auto ship. This feature can be easily turned on by applying the despatch system setting labelled use quick search on bin number when auto shipping.

With this great new functionality, businesses using OrderWise Despatch can benefit from being able to easily, practically and efficiently handle the shipment of large volumes orders for a single item. By simply streamlining the processes involved when sending these goods out to customers, warehouse staff are able to ensure that the frequency of order turnaround is kept at the highest level, even at the busiest times.

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