Enhance supplier return management with new feature added to OrderWise Returns

ReturnsLast month saw the release of the new OrderWise Returns module, designed to provide our users with a more structured, accountable and tailored returns process to be managed throughout the length of the supply chain.

This comprehensive returns solution provides tailored setup options, control of user access and the actions they are able to perform, flexible workflows and fully configurable product return criteria. The traceable management, visibility and process control functionality when dealing with both suppliers and customers ensures return policies are upheld, resolutions are efficiently delivered, performance criteria monitored and relevant documentation produced.

Although this new module was only introduced into OrderWise last month, our developers have continued their hard work to produce additional functionality for this release to allow the handling of supplier returns to be processed in an accurate, effective and efficient manner. This has been achieved with new functionality ensuring that the correct transactions will be booked out when returning goods to suppliers. This helps users to retain accurate traceability when damaged or items carrying serial/batch numbers are removed from stock.

Achieve enhanced control over Supplier Linked Returns

This enhancement to the OrderWise Returns module has been made available with v9.5 of OrderWise, with users now able to benefit from the Select Transactions form when confirming a supplier return. This form will appear when stock is being booked out against a supplier linked return and will only show stock booked in against the linked purchase order. Users can still choose to show all transactions against the item by simply unselecting the new only show linked transactions checkbox.

By using the OrderWise Returns Module users can achieve tight control over returns activity, ensuring costs, volumes and impact to both business and customers is kept to a minimum.

For more information about OrderWise Returns watch our video or download the brochure.

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