End-to-end traceability in EPOS


End-to-end traceability of stock is a key requirement for many businesses for a wide variety of different reasons including recording accurate margins, fast handling of product recalls, managing allocations, identifying warranty timescales and more.

OrderWise has always provided outstanding batch and serial traceability as standard from supplier stock receipt (including any manufacturing processes that may occur) and on to the customer.  The final stage in completing the cycle of traceability is at point of despatch, it is here that the batch or serial number of stock used to fulfil each order is recorded.

In a customer facing sales environment such as retail, trade counter or cash and carry applications, goods will normally be taken away by the customer which requires the ability for batch or serial information to be recorded at point of sale.  This traceability requirement can be relatively common in many B2B counter sales scenarios and the OrderWise POS module, designed for such applications, enables this information to be fully recorded.

Although not as widely required in retail or cash and carry environments where fast customer processing lends itself to EPOS touch screen being utilised, there are certain industries such as electronics, mobile phones and other goods where warranty or product registration requirements will involve serial, IMEI or other unique identification recording at point of sale.

EPOS Serial Number EntryTracing in EPOS

In the 2014 v9.4 release of OrderWise, customers using the EPOS module are now able to record serial numbers against sales order lines. This new addition adds to existing batch traceability functionality already present within EPOS to provide complete end to end product traceability via this touch screen order processing application.

Serial numbers can be added against sales order lines in EPOS in the same manner as batch numbers, either scanning or manually entering the number in the appropriate field. EPOS will also recognise the amount of serial numbers which have been applied to the sales order lines and either positively or negatively adjust the quantity to reflect serial numbers entered.

This same functionality is also available should credits need to processed through EPOS, allowing the serial number to be recorded against the returned sales order line.

For more information on the OrderWise EPOS module or to find out more about other OrderWise Sales Order processing options including POS (Trade Counter) watch our videos and download the brochure.

Existing OrderWise users can find full details on the EPOS module along with EPOS hardware packages on the OrderWise Online Shop.

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