Eliminate duplicated customer records

When companies have a large customer database it is not uncommon for staff to duplicate customer records.  Although users can quickly check the existence of a company by using the filter row, this step could be omitted, or details entered incorrectly and no match on company name returned, resulting in 2 records for the same customer.  Once a duplicate record has been created in can lead to sales order being added against 2 separate customer records and cause a whole range of issue.

Automatic record checking

To help eliminate the opportunity for this to occur a new development in the 2013 v8.10 release will inform a user if they try to create a new customer record for a customer that already exists.  With the Duplicate Customer Validation feature enabled, OrderWise will automatically check if the customer already exists, users can also choose to further validate against the Statement Telephone, Statement Email and Statement Postcode.

As a new customer record is being created, following the tabbing out of any validated fields OrderWise will check against existing records.  Should any matches be returned then a window will appear with the results allowing users to determine if they are creating a duplicate or not.  From this window users are able to choose to continue creating the new record, select an existing record and start a new sales order or cancel the creation of the new record.

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