More Efficient Control At Despatch With Two New Enhancements

Despatch thumbEnsuring orders are promptly and accurately delivered is a vital part of company operations, ensuring excellent service is achieved and customers return to purchase time after time. With the shipping process acting as the final checkpoint for staff to ensure all delivery details and goods meet the customer’s requirements, it is important that all the right measures are in place to stop errors slipping through and order shipment is handled as effectively as possible.

With OrderWise, users are already provided with extensive functionality to manage order shipment, including integration with popular courier services. Now in version 10.2 of OrderWise, two new features have been added to provide even greater flexibility and depth of functionality so that users are able to ensure orders are fulfilled both accurately and on time, regardless of whether they’re sending out a handful or thousands of orders a day.

11923 - Override Auto ship in shippingAuto Ship & Override Delivery Method

For many OrderWise customers, the auto ship functionality provides a simple and fast option to quickly despatch orders from various point within the picking process that require no further amendments or information to be recorded. However the one area where businesses using auto ship may find a final change is required is the delivery method. This may be due to the customer changing their mind, an error being made earlier on in the despatch process, the way items are packed meaning the final method cannot be determined until after pick completion or simply an alternate method needing to be used to ensure the customer receives their goods when promised.

To allow users to manage this, a new option has been added to auto ship in version 10.2 of OrderWise to enable the delivery method to be overridden and controlled via despatch user group settings, with users given the option to override delivery method within either/or both Open Picks and Orders Requiring Picking/Shipping.

When the override setting is activated when auto ship is used from the relevant screen the user will be given the option to change or confirm the currently selected delivery method and courier.  User can pull these fields through to the grid to enable multiple lines that require changing to the same delivery method to be selected together and auto shipped and changed in one pass.

With the addition of this new feature, OrderWise users can continue to benefit from the speedy shipping and simple management offered by the auto ship functionality but with the added flexibility to control which delivery method is applied.

13660 - Shipping AnalysisNew Ship Screen Analysis Tab

With each business operating their own unique processes, often the information required to be logged can greatly vary from company to company. To help users manage this, customisable analysis fields are available throughout OrderWise, enabling companies to create their own fields tailored to record vital information relevant to their way of working. One area where users will frequently add analysis fields are sales orders, with the information recorded here often used for further checks, reporting, passing information and adding to layouts and documents.  However some companies will require specific information to be recorded that will only be gathered during the picking process, going back in to a sales order at this stage adds further complexity and delay in an efficient fulfilment process.

To make this meeting these requirements easier, a new analysis tab has been added to the ship screen in version 10.2 of OrderWise. This tab uses the same analysis fields as the sales order header and can be configured to display those relevant at the despatch stage of the order fulfilment process.

With this simple but useful new feature, OrderWise users are now able to easily update sales orders with any additional analysis data gathered during despatch, which also provides even greater flexibility as to the information that can be displayed on subsequent delivery notes, enables accurate reporting streamlines the workflow.

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