Greater Picking Efficiency With Flexible Use Of Replenishment Stock

Stock Replenishment thumbEnsuring pick faces are kept regularly topped up with stock is a core part of fast, productive despatch operations, preventing staff from travelling further away to pick items ready to then be sent out to customers. However with some businesses handling high volumes of orders, there can be occasions when the required quantity of an item needed to fulfil an order may simply be greater than what is held in picking bins or require full pallets to be shipped.

By continuing to send staff to picking bins first to collect large quantities, businesses will find that pick faces are emptying more quickly. The impact of working in this way means more staff having to travel to bulk stock locations more regularly, while other members of staff are carrying out replenishment tasks more frequently to try and keep pick faces full. Therefore on these occasions where high quantities of items are needed, it is often more beneficial for staff to be sent straight to bulk stock locations to collect stock. This way pickers are not having to travel to as many bins to collect all the stock they need and picks faces are not being depleted as quickly, meaning they can still be used by staff tasked with picking smaller quantities.

13673 - Use Replen Stock FirstPractical Management By Picking Large Quantity Order Lines Straight From Bulk

With this in mind, new functionality has been added in version 10.4 of OrderWise to ensure staff are sent straight to replenishment stock locations to collect stock when the quantity being picked is over a certain value. This feature is activated within the variant stock location setup form where users can enter a quantity in the new “use replenishment stock first when allocating more than X” field. Once a value has been entered into this field, when allocating an order line that is more than the specified quantity, stock held in replenishment bins will be picked first. If more stock is then needed, pickers will then be told to collect from picking bins as normal.

With this fantastic new feature, businesses using OrderWise Stock Replenishments are provided with the flexibility to send pickers straight to bulk stock to collect large quantities of items and leave the picking stock free to fulfil smaller quantity orders. This allows time to be saved and continued picking efficiency to be achieved.

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