Effectively Manage Your Returns Over The Festive Period With OrderWise

ReturnsDecember and January are historically the busiest months in the year for companies when it comes to processing returns, as families and friends swap gifts with one another only to find that some of the presents they have bought are faulty, duplicated, ill-fitting or simply unwanted! With businesses naturally handling larger volumes of refunds, exchanges and repairs over the festive period, it is vitally important for companies to ensure that they have the right methods of processing these returns in place.

Therefore to assist our users with their returns handling over the coming months, Version 10.12 of OrderWise sees three fantastic new enhancements added to offer even greater visibility and structured management of returns.

Greater Visibility When Handling Customer Repairs

On certain occasions, it can often be a case where processing a return for a customer means that a supplier return will also need to be generated as a result. For example if a customer returns an item that is found to be faulty, the product may need to be sent back to the supplier or manufacturer for repair. Additionally online retailers and other businesses that are drop shipping items to their customers will likely always be processing a supplier return on the back of a customer return as it is to the supplier to which the goods will be sent back.

RepairIn these situations where a customer return is essentially generating two separate returns that need to be carefully managed, it is important that staff are able to quickly and easily view all the information they need in order to process these successfully to the satisfaction of the customer. In order for this to be achieved, it is important for businesses to ensure that when supplier and customer returns are connected, there is a link so that staff have full visibility at all times.

Providing this necessary functionality, an enhancement has been made to OrderWise Returns so that users are now able to view details of any customer or supplier returns that are linked on a transactional basis to lines entered within the return entry screens. This means that when a supplier return is being generated and a line is added that has previously been returned by a customer, users can simply look against the line information tab to view full details of that related customer return. This also works on the flip side too so that within the customer return entry form in OrderWise, users can select a line and view details of any associated supplier returns against the line information tab.

Offering OrderWise users clear visibility of these connected returns, this new feature will no doubt prove extremely useful to staff required to manage goods being sent off for repairs or products being returned that were originally sent direct from the supplier.

cancelledSimple Management of Changes to Or Cancellations of Credits

When a credit is given to a customer on the back of a return, situations can sometimes arise where this resulting credit will need to altered or cancelled completely. Although this can happen for a number of different reasons, most commonly this will be down to a customer looking for a replacement for an item but there being no stock available at the time. This can result in the customer being given a credit initially only for the product to then come back into stock.

In these circumstances, businesses will want to maintain customer service levels and keep credit volumes down by cancelling any credits that have been issued for the item and offer the replacement instead. However in order to manage this process both accurately and effectively, it is important that companies have the flexibility to adjust or cancel their credits once stock has already been returned.

Providing this flexibility in version 10.12 of OrderWise, new functionality now enables permitted users to delete lines from a credit or cancel a credit completely, even if stock has been booked in against the order. Additionally if the credit was created as the result of a customer return, users will also be able to edit the return and change the actual action if required against the lines. Having this enhanced functionality available to easily and accurately control credit processing will no doubt prove highly useful to companies in the coming months as returns volumes begin to increase.

Label printingPrint Component Labels When Disassembling Returned Kits

When it comes to managing the return of kitted items, each business is likely to handle this process differently. For some companies once a kitted item is sold it becomes a fully built item that cannot be converted back into its component parts, therefore when that kit is returned it will simply be booked back in as the completed kit. However other businesses may wish to split their kits back into its individual components if they have the flexibility to do so available, as this offers much greater versatility as to how the stock can then be used to fulfil new orders. If a company is indeed splitting their kits back down into component parts on the back of returns, they will also want to ensure that new product labels are also printed upon these goods being returned back into stock to make sure that accurate stock management is maintained.

Within OrderWise Returns, users already have the option to ensure kits are automatically unbuilt when they are booked into stock on the back of a customer return. However now an enhancement has been made to this functionality that enables the printing of product labels when disassembling a kit in Returns.

Thanks to this small but useful new enhancement, businesses selling any kits or gift sets over the festive period through OrderWise can ensure that should any of these items be returned by customers, they will be correctly labelled up when booked back into stock.

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