Effectively Handle Quality Control Failures With Pick Quantity Amend

DespatchTo help maintain high product standards at all times, it is not uncommon for companies to operate a quality control process. By operating a quality control process, businesses can ensure that goods being despatched are of a consistently high standard and guarantee that customers will be satisfied with their purchases. However although the reasons for implementing a quality control process is clear, there are problems that can crop up and cause despatch delays.

One issue that can arise following such processes being carried out is that a number of items may have been picked, but for a variety of reasons not all of them pass quality control before being shipped. The result of this is that pick quantities then need to be reduced across multiple sales orders. This means that staff time and effort is spent constantly adjusting and recalculating sales orders and amending stock levels. As such, flexibility in systems and processes is important so that a company can easily amend pick quantities to the correct amounts and ensure accuracy and efficiency at all times.

Quality ControlFlexibility To Amend Order Pick Quantities Within OrderWise Despatch

The OrderWise Despatch Module is already one of the most configurable elements of the OrderWise system, allowing businesses to tailor OrderWise to suit their own despatch processes and get the highest levels of productivity from their staff. With additional options to use barcode scanning through our Mobile WMS Devices, set up comprehensive Pick Rules to determine how picks are assigned to staff, monitor picker performance, record average travel times and much more, OrderWise can handle a variety of business requirements. You can read more on OrderWise Despatch HERE.

Whilst already catering for a variety of picking methods, this month’s OrderWise release sees another method of structuring pick processes added to our already comprehensive range of features, providing businesses with even more flexibility.

Now in Version 12.5 of OrderWise, a new User Group Setting ‘Amend pick quantities in orders requiring packing’ has been added and will give access to a new ‘Edit Pick Quantity’ button in Orders Requiring Packing. From here, picks can be reduced, and the reduced quantity can be adjusted out by using the ‘Adjust out reduced stock’ setting. This means, for example, that picked quantities can be amended after quality assurance procedures have been performed and any items that are not of suitable quality can be adjusted out of stock with minimal manual interaction.

More information on the comprehensive range of OrderWise Warehouse Management features can be found HERE.

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