Effective Handling Of Partially Received Purchase Orders With New Clear Down Functionality

PurchasingIt can often be the case that items on purchase orders are not fully received. It may simply be that a supplier does not have sufficient stock to meet the requested number of items and will make up the amount at a later date. However, it could be, for example, that the items sent are the last of a discontinued line and there will be no more to send, meaning that the purchase order has only been, and will only ever be, partially received.

If these incomplete purchase orders are not managed or monitored effectively, businesses will find themselves dealing with increasing volumes of partially received purchase orders which then need to be manually amended or removed and re-raised as new purchase orders. From this, problems can arise such as build-up of unnecessary data, staff inefficiency and time wasted.

To solve this issue, new functionality has been added in version 12.11 of OrderWise which allows for partially received purchase orders to now be easily cleared down. OrderWise already provides the ability to clear down sales orders and this new feature to clear down on the purchase side can be easily activated through a new user group setting.

Purchase Order 350pxOnce activated, this will allow access to the new ‘Clear Down’ treeview node within the Purchasing module. From there all partially received purchase orders based on the date range selected can be cleared down, with users being able to reduce all lines on the order(s) to the received quantity so that there is nothing left outstanding. If a line has never been received, it will be deleted from the purchase order.

Benefit From Greater Visibility With Clear Down Purchase Order History

OrderWise users can also use another new treeview node to view a history of the records created when purchase orders are cleared down. The ‘Clear Down History’ table will display the purchase order lines and items that were cleared down, the quantity that was cleared as well as the quantity that was originally required, the order number the line was originally from, the date it was cleared down and which person cleared it down.
With the addition of this new functionality, businesses can now easily trace back purchase orders that have been cleared down and gain vital information regarding these partially received orders from a one-view grid, providing businesses with complete visibility of their clear down activity.

With this new functionality businesses will be able to achieve complete control and full organised management over partially received purchase orders, and help ensure maximum staff productivity and efficiency is being achieved.

More information on OrderWise Purchasing is available HERE, and you can call us on 01522 704083 to discuss your requirements in detail.