Save Time By Editing Order Delivery Methods En-Masse

DespatchOne thing in particular that every business will strive to achieve is effective management over the methods in which goods are delivered to customers. With excellent customer service and timely order fulfilment helping to generate returned custom from clients, businesses will always look to ensure that customers receive their goods within their expected timescales, at a reasonable cost. Although usually a straightforward process, complications can often arise should a delivery method need to be changed across multiple orders after they have already been raised.

These instances where delivery methods will need to be altered across numerous sales orders can occur for a number of different reasons. One common example can be when a customer has decided they need their items to be delivered more urgently with these items spread across multiple orders. To accommodate this, these orders may be upgraded to use a more expedited delivery method. On other occasions it may be that businesses have simply stopped using a certain courier service, therefore any orders that have been marked to use that courier will need to be updated to a delivery method that is still in use.

When these situations arise, quite often businesses will have no other option than to go into each of the orders affected and manually update the delivery method to the correct one. With costs also needing to be adjusted accordingly, changing delivery methods across multiple orders can be an extremely time-consuming process without the right system in place.

Delivery trolleyQuickly Edit The Delivery Method On Multiple Orders

Providing an effective solution to this problem, new functionality has been added in version 10.11 of OrderWise that offers businesses efficient means of editing the delivery method across multiple different sales orders all at once. This has been facilitated by a new Edit Delivery Method that has been added to the Orders Requiring Picking screen. Once this button has been activated, permitted users will be able to select multiple orders from within the grid before pressing this new button to override the delivery method across the orders to the one they select on the corresponding form. As well as updating the delivery method, the cost of delivery will also be updated for the selected sales orders during this process.

With the addition of this great new functionality, companies using OrderWise are now able to benefit from a fast, streamlined method of updating the delivery method across multiple different sales orders en-masse.

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