Edit Delivery Email Address Within OrderWise Courier Integration

OrderWise Courier Integration ModuleFor businesses who use couriers to handle the transportation of goods to customers, it is vital that all essential delivery details for the customer are accurately transposed. Alongside the standard postal address and contact information, it is not uncommon for certain couriers to require a delivery email address for the customer to also be entered. Like any required field, these details need to be entered correctly in order to avoid errors occurring.

However if mistakes are made, it is important for businesses to be able to have these quickly corrected. Therefore companies that use couriers should ensure they have procedures in place so that, in the event of information being incorrectly transferred over to their couriers, any inaccuracies or invalid details can be simply and swiftly rectified.

OrderWise Coruier IntegrationQuickly Rectify Delivery Email Address Errors With New Feature

In previous versions of OrderWise when an incorrect email address would produce an error with a courier, the only way for this to be amended was through editing the SQL database tables, something that could only be done by an OrderWise Technical Advisor.  Now in version 9.9 of OrderWise, this problem can be resolved much more quickly and easily with users now provided with the ability to edit the delivery email address from within courier integration.

Although only a small enhancement, OrderWise users with courier integration are now able to benefit from being able to correct delivery email addresses much more promptly. This in turn allows the impact of errors to be minimised and time to be saved from staff no longer needing to contact OrderWise support to fix the problem.

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