Easy calculation of quantities from dimensions

CalculatorCompanies selling products based on area will in most cases price the item by a single unit of area such as per m2.  When building a sales order with this type of item, the customer will often provide dimensions rather than an overall quantity.  At this point many will reach for the calculator and multiply the length x width to reach the total m2 required and enter this onto the sales order, but if my experience is anything to go by you can guarantee the calculator has mysteriously disappeared!  What’s more this additional step of re-keying or mental computation can result in errors being made.

There can often be additional factors to consider when taking orders for such items, the product may be stocked as a fixed width and only ever sold in lengths of this fixed width.  It would be highly unlikely that a company would sell a 4m x 4m piece of carpet from a 5m wide roll, they would sell 4m length of the 5m roll resulting in a sales quantity of 20m2.

Greater control of dimension related quantities and information

Dimension Calculator - Sales OrderThe 2014 v9.2 release has a new Quantity Calculator feature available from within the Sales and Purchase Order Entry screens.  Once activated within the User Group Sales & Purchasing settings a new button is available within the Qty req’d field of Sales & Purchase Order Entry.  When a user clicks this button the Quantity Calculator window opens, a length and width value can be entered and the total is returned to the Qty Rec’d field.  Rounding will be applied to the total to meet settings against how the item is stocked and sold.

Additional settings allow the width value recorded against the variant to be used to default the width field within the Quantity Calculator.  This ensures items only to be sold in lengths of their fixed width can be easily controlled and calculated.

Retain & utilise dimension values 

While the Quantity Calculator is providing a quick and easy tool to calculate quantities within Sales & Purchase Orders, some business will find that the actual width and length values themselves are needed to aid order fulfilment and documentation requirements.  An overall m2 quantity is perfect to calculate order values but may mean very little to warehouse staff or suppliers.  With this in mind further settings enable the value entered in both the width and length fields of the Quantity Calculator to be stored against specified order line analysis fields.  These can then be displayed on screen in various areas of the system and used within documentation as required.

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