Easily Output Despatch Documents With OrderWise Mobile Warehouse Management

OrderWise HHT Mobile DeviceObtaining maximum efficiency throughout all despatch operations is essential to the success of any business with fast, organised order fulfilment leading to high service levels, reduced costs and increased revenue. Barcode scanners will often be used to ensure common tasks are quickly and accurately performed, with stock for orders also getting rapidly picked.

However along with improving all other despatch processes through the implementation of this technology, it is important for businesses to ensure that even the simple task of outputting delivery documents and labels from mobile warehouse devices upon pick completion is kept as streamlined as possible.

HHT Mobile DeviceOne of the many benefits of OrderWise Mobile Warehouse Management Devices is the ability for a picker to ship orders from their device upon completion without needing to access the main system. Often businesses will only have one designated station of printers within their warehouse where documents are printed. If the printer is not conveniently located or stock is being collected for orders from the opposite end of the warehouse, staff may find themselves travelling long distances just to check all required documents have been processed and printed correctly.

Further problems may also start to arise if all pickers are outputting from the same server. If high volumes of orders are being picked simultaneously each with multiple documents attached, despatch times can be slowed due to a back log in documents waiting to be printed. Order documents may also be printed on a first in, first out basis, resulting in orders required less urgently preventing high priority orders from being promptly despatched.

Effectively Manage Despatch Document Output

When multiple pickers are processing order in this manner, if the outputting of documents and labels is not effectively managed, pickers can find documents and labels are not outputted from their printer.  Therefore it is important that businesses have a system in place to not only efficiently pick and ship stock, but also easily output all required documents upon pick completion.

11405 - User Group settingOrderWise Mobile Warehouse Management Devices are already proven to increase order fulfilment by increasing the efficiency at which orders are picked and shipped. These industry leading mobile devices offer an entire suite of comprehensive modules designed to streamline operations through barcode scanning technology before wirelessly transferring information back to the main OrderWise system.

Now in version 9.7 of OrderWise, a fantastic new user task service has been introduced.  Instead of a user receiving and sending data to and from the central task service which can limit the flexibility and control of output options for documents, the user task service is launched on the terminal the user is logged in to and on which their Mobile Warehouse Management Device is registered.  By working from the user task service, documentation and labels requiring printing from actions performed on the users Mobile Warehouse Management Device will be processes on the user terminal, not sent to the main task service and potentially sent to output elsewhere.

To use this feature, the User Task Service settings within mobile device user group settings need to be activated. Businesses can then activate despatch system settings to output confirmed packing lists, address labels and delivery notes on auto ship as required and they will be sent to print on the default printer for the terminal being used.

11405 - User Task ServiceBenefit From Automatic Priority Processing

Once the relevant settings have been activated the user task service can be run and kept running in the background, checking every five seconds if there are records in the task service queue for the current user. If so, it will process them in priority order. At the point they are processed, the record is removed from the task queue and the relevant log records are shown in the user task service grid. The task service log has also had two new fields added to the user task service grid to allow records specific to the logged in user to be displayed. Users can also visit the history tab to view all their activity for that day and reprint any documentation if required. The history is then automatically cleared at the end of each day.

This fantastic new feature further expands the benefits that businesses are able to gain by using OrderWise Despatch and HHT Mobile Devices, providing pickers with the ability to quickly fulfil orders and conveniently output all relevant despatch documentation upon pick completion.

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