Easily Manage Multiple SagePay Accounts

SagePay Registered Partner LogoSince the rise of online trading, it is not uncommon for companies, particularly larger companies, to spread their business across a number of subsidiaries or distinct trading channels. Multiple brands will be adopted, each with their own website(s) and range of products. For businesses operating in this manner, it is even more vital to keep track of merchant accounts and finances.

With each brand or business subsidiary usually possessing their own contact name and phone number, businesses will often choose to keep separate accounts. Other than ensuring the business complies with trading laws that state it must be made clear to customers who they are buying from on documentation and invoices, there are other practical benefits to companies separating out each part of their business. By using separate merchant accounts, companies can easily identify where their customers are coming from, with financials clearly reflecting how each brand is performing and indicating which area of the business money should be invested.

8698 - Different SagePay accounts 2New Feature To Apply Different SagePay Accounts To Each Payment Method

OrderWise already offers integration with a number of different payment gateways, with SagePay the most popularly used by our customers. Now in version 9.7 of OrderWise, further integration has been added to allow businesses to set up different SagePay accounts for each of their payment methods.

This is achieved by clicking on the payment methods node under the sales section in the system module. Then when adding or editing a payment method that has SagePay marked as the payment processor, users have the option to tick the use alternate SagePay vendor box. Once this is activated, businesses can enter a name of up to 15 characters for their alternate vendor in the relevant field. If this is left blank, the vendor name entered against the SagePay payment gateway in system settings will be used.

With the addition of this new functionality, businesses are able to benefit from letting their customers know who they are buying from, as well as being able to clearly identify which of their brands is generating the custom.

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