Easily handle orders for drop shipped items using eCommerce

OrderWise eCommerce IntegrationFor many companies selling online has become an integral part of day-to-day business, allowing sales and products offered to be increased without the need to expand the amount of physical stock being held. One popular example of this used regularly by online traders is drop shipping where the seller never holds or touches the stock and upon order receipt will send order details to the drop shipper for them to fulfil directly.  If the business operates a controlled and well organised supply chain, orders to suppliers can be quickly and simply raised on the back of sales demand with goods quickly despatched to customers.

While in many cases purchasing requirements would be handled as part of the standard procurement process, in some cases products will be handled by the use of direct ordering. This is the process of a purchase order being generated and linked directly to the sales order the demand has come from, with the goods being shipped directly to the customer’s delivery address by the supplier. This direct order method is perfectly suited to handle drop shipped items and is also commonly deployed when products are required more urgently, are of a certain size or carry other special requirements.

Within OrderWise a direct order can be easily raised, with the direct delivery option triggered by either the item being ordered or the staff member placing the order and flagging it to be handled as a direct order. This functionality has now been expanded to accommodate direct orders coming in from online channels.

Direct OrderingAutomatically Create Purchase Orders When Using eCommerce

A new eCommerce module feature in the 2014 v9.5 release of OrderWise allows a direct Purchase Order to be raised on the back of an online sales order. This can easily be activated by enabling the “use variant direct supply” setting when importing and the “create purchase order on direct order save” user group setting. Once both of these settings have been enabled when a sales order is imported via eCommerce, a direct purchase order will be automatically created for the sales order demand.

Companies who utilise this feature will benefit from the streamlined nature of this process, with administration reduced and purchase orders quickly raised to maximise fulfilment speeds.  Those companies that sell a wide range or high volume of drop shipped items will find this new enhancement offers exceptional and highly automated handling from sale to fulfilment.

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